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  • June 03, 1974

    Cable from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Vienna, 'North Korea'

    The Minister requests confirmation of Austria's rumored intent to engage in official relations with Pyongyang.

  • June 06, 1974

    Cable from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs to East Berlin, 'Netherlands - North Korea'

    The uncooperative attitude of North Korea re admission of both Koreas to the U.N. has disappointed the Dutch. Furthermore, general Communist refusal to recognize South Korea makes progress presently impossible.

  • 1976

    Memorandum on the Problem of Disarmament and Security, Submitted to the Netherlands Parliament

    Memorandum giving an overview of Dutch policy balancing nuclear disarmament and security needs. It cites the need for a "reality check" and noting that the "current security system" of nuclear deterrence cannot be overhauled or improved on by sudden changes that activist groups like the Interchurch Peace Council propose. The memorandum stresses the importance of weighing the risks that come with abandoning the current security system and those involved with creating or joining an new security system.