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  • September 04, 1930

    Imre Nagy’s OGPU (Unified State Political Directorate) Enlistment

    Certificate signed by Imre Nagy upon enlistment in the OGPU secret police (later the NKVD).

  • April 10, 1946

    Record of Conversation between I. V. Stalin and the Hungarian Governmental Delegation

    Stalin and the Hungarian delegation discuss economic issues, and the situation of Hungarians in Slovakia.

  • July 14, 1953

    Transcript of Conversation among the Hungarian Workers' Party Delegation in Moscow

    Following discussions with the Soviet leadership in Moscow, the Hungarian delegation discusses reforms to be implemented in Hungary.

  • July 16, 1953

    Transcript of the Conversation between the Soviet Leadership and the Hungarian Workers' Party Delegation in Moscow

    Discussion of the reorganization of the Hungarian government and various reforms following Stalin's death.

  • November 02, 1956

    Cable from the Chinese Embassy in Hungary, ‘On the Meeting between Imre Nagy and Ambassador Hao Deqing’

    The Chinese Embassy in Hungary provides a lengthy report on the talks between Imre Nagy and Hao Deqing.

  • November 03, 1956

    Notes of a Secure Phone Call from the Soviet Ambassador in Romania, A. A. Epishev

    Imre Nagy reports that Soviet troops plan to enter Romania, and contacts Gheorghiu-Dej for advice on how to proceed.