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  • April 19, 1969

    Letter, UN Chef de Cabinet C.V. Narasimhan to Mr. Jean Gazarian, Concerning UNCURK Report

    Chef de Cabinet of the United Nations writes to Mr. Jean Gazarian in acknowledgement of his receipt of the 25 August 1968 to 19 April Report of UNCURK and Principal Secretary of the United Nations Commission for the Unification and Rehabilitation of Korea Zouheir Kuzbari's letter. Kuzbari's letter concerns the ROK's and UNCURK's reaction to the shooting down of U.S. reconnaissance plane by North Koreans.

  • September 06, 1969

    UNCURK Report Covering 20 April 1969 to 6 September 1969, UNCURK to the General Assembly

    Principle Secretary of UN Commission for the Unification and Rehabilitation of Korea Zouheir Kuzbari and others in the Commission submit an UNCURK report coverning 20 April 1969 to 6 September 1969 to the General Assembly. The report outlines the objectives of the United Nations in Korea, the question of unification, security problems in the region, and political and economic developments.

  • November 06, 1970

    Letter, UNCURK Chairman Chote Klongvicha to UN Secretary-General U Thant

    Chairman of UNCURK Chote Klongvicha updates U Thant on the remote prospect of unification, North Korean infiltrations of the DMZ, and the planned reduction of U.S. military forces.

  • January 29, 1971

    Letter, UNCURK Principal Secretary Kuzbari to UN Chef de Cabinet Narasimhan

    A representative from Turkey announces his government's withdrawal from the UN Command, while a representative from Thailand announces his government's withdrawal of the Thai Company from the UN Forces in Korea. However, both governments will keep the military attaches as liason officers on the MAC.