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Digital Archive International History Declassified


  • March 30, 1973

    Record of Conversation between Foreign Minister Ohira and Chen Chu

  • June 12, 1978

    Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China on the Expulsion of Chinese Residents by Viet Nam

    The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs insists that Vietnam has "distorted the facts and made unfounded counter-charges" in its statement "on Question of Hoa People in Viet Nam."

  • December 11, 1978

    Letter, Chen Chu to H.E. Baron Rudiger von Wechmar

    Chen Chu denounces the Vietnamese war against Cambodia as well as Hanoi's treatment of ethnic Chinese in Vietnam.

  • February 12, 1979

    Chinese Foreign Ministry's Note to the Vietnamese Embassy in China Protesting against Viet Nam's Military Provocations

    The Chinese Foreign Ministry accuses Vietnam of sending troops into Yunnnan and Guangxi and attacking Chinese citizens.

  • February 15, 1979

    Letter, Chen Chu to Ambassador A.Y. Bishara

    Chen Chu announces that "the Vietnamese authorities are pursuing a policy of aggression and expansion abroad."

  • February 16, 1979

    Chinese Foreign Ministry's Note of Protest against Vietnamese Encroachment upon Chinese Territory and Creation of Bloodshed

    The Chinese government reports that "Vietnamese armed personnel encroached upon Chinese border areas on nearly 30 occassions."

  • February 17, 1979

    Statement by Xinhua News Agency upon Authorization

  • March 16, 1979

    Notes on a Meeting held in the Secretary-General's Office on Friday, 16 March 1979, at 10.30 pm

    Ambassador Chen Chu and Secretary-General Kurt Waldheim discuss the situation in Indochina.