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  • November 24, 1973

    Cable from Ambassador Pauls to the Foreign Office

    A cable from Ambassador Pauls about a meeting between Prime Minister Zhou Enlai and Federal Minister Genscher about Soviet expansionism and Europe’s defensive readiness.

  • August 26, 1976

    Conversation between Foreign Minister Genscher and Chinese Ambassador Wang Shu

    A conversation between West German Foreign Minister Genscher and Chinese Ambassador Wang Shu about European security and developments in Africa. The Foreign Minister expresses interest in a visit to Germany by the Chinese Foreign Minister.

  • December 09, 1985

    Letter by Minister of Foreign Affairs Andreotti to West German Minister of Foreign Affaris Genscher

    Foreign Minister of Italy, Giulio Andreotti wishes to exchange views with his German counterpart Genscher about the research phase of the SDI project, to try and find common ground before continuing talks with the United States on the subject of industrial cooperation in SDI research.

  • April 15, 1987

    Memorandum by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 'Meeting between the Minister [Andreotti] and Minister Genscher'

    Notes from the meeting between Foreign Minister of Italy, Giulio Andreotti, and Foreign Minister of West Germany, Hans-Dietrich Genscher. The theme of the discussion is strengthening of the bilateral relationship between Italy and West Germany, the two major non-nuclear powers in Europe.

  • December 05, 1989

    Record of Conversation between M. S. Gorbachev and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the FRG H.D. Genscher

    Record of a conversation between M.S. Gorbachev and H.D. Genscher discussing Helmut Kohl's Ten Points. Genscher expresses interest in negotiating with FRG and passing reforms in the GDR.