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Digital Archive International History Declassified


  • April 06, 1950

    Letter, Muhammad Amin Bughra, Isa Yusuf Alptekin, and Colonel Adam Sabri to Owen Lattimore

    Exiled in India, Bugrha, Alptekin, and Sabri ask Lattimore for financial and material support. They also praise Dean Acheson's January 1950 Press Club Speech.

  • November 14, 1950

    Letter, Isa Yusuf Alptekin to Owen Lattimore

    Isa Yusuf Alptekin recounts his experiences in Xinjiang in the 1940s and his flight to India and beyond after the Chinese Communist revolution. He also asks Lattimore for assistance in having exiled students from Xinjiang go to the United States for further education.

  • July 12, 1969

    Isa Yusuf Alptekin, 'Memorandum Sent to Richard Nixon, President of the United States of America'

    Memorandum sent by Isa Yusuf Alptekin, President of the Center for the Liberation of East Turkestan, to President Richard Nixon about the necessity to include the people of East Turkestan among 'captive nations.' This letter was published in Isa Yusuf Alptekin's Turkish language book "Doğu Türkistan İnsanlıktan Yardım İstiyor" (East Turkistan Expects Help from Humankind).

  • February 01, 1970

    Letter, Isa Yusuf Alptekin, President of the National Center for the Liberation of Eastern Turkestan, to President Richard Nixon

    Isa Yusuf Alptekin writes to President Nixon to explain the plight of his people and to request assistance.

  • March 03, 1970

    Hon. John M. Murphy of New York, in the House of Representatives, 'Isa Yusuf Alptekin--Defender of Freedom'

    Congressman Murphy introduces Isa Yusuf Alptekin on the House floor, describing him as an "eloquent defender of freedom."