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  • September 30, 1954

    Minutes of the Conversation between Vice Premier Li Xiannnian and the Head of the Albanian Government Delegation Behar Shtylla

    Li Xiannian and Shtylla discuss cooperation between Albania and the PRC.

  • December 22, 1960

    Letter, Behar Shtylla to Frederick R. Bolland containing 'Declaration of the Council of Ministers of the People's Republic of Albania'

    Behar Shtylla sends a letter to Bolland containing "Declaration of the Council of Ministers of the People's Republic of Albania" on the issue of peaceful reunification of two Koreas.

  • December 02, 1961

    Telegram from Behar Shtylla to Ung Van Khiem

    This document is a telegram from Albanian Foreign Affairs Minister Behar Shtylla to the Foreign Affairs Minister of North Vietnam, Ung Van Khiem. Shtylla shares the same indignation as the Vietnamese minister towards the dangerous situation arising in Vietnam. According to Shtylla, Kennedy is trying to transform South Vietnam into a base of operations for aggression directed against the Democratic Republic of Vietnam. Taking into account other actions towards Laos and Cambodia, he believes Kennedy is attempting to convert Indochina into an American base. Shtylla states that the American policy in Vietnam violates the general international conventions of conduct, as well as the Vietnamese people’s sovereignty. Shtylla expresses full solidarity with the Democratic Republic of Vietnam and supports its request that the chairmen of the Geneva Conference take measures against the American inference in South Vietnam.