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  • October 28, 1956

    Telegram from the Budapest KGB Station concerning the latest developments in the city following the popular uprising

    The KGB station in Budapest reports on the ongoing crisis in Hungary. While some popular forces are considering stopping the fighting, others continue to disarm the state organs. The fighting dies down in Budapest and the Imre Nagy government is gaining legitimacy. American embassy officials were seen evacuating from the embassy.

  • October 29, 1956

    KGB Chief Serov, Report

    KGB Chief Serov details the violence and resistance in Hungary. He writes that armed groups are executing communists and are actively planning to seek out and kill employees of the state security organs. Serov expresses concern over the dismissal of state employees and the decision by other state employees to leave work.

  • October 29, 1956

    Telegram from KGB Chief Serov reporting on the situation in Hungary

    KGB Chief Serov report to Mikoyan and Suslov regarding activity by the insurgents in Hungary