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Digital Archive International History Declassified


  • June 30, 1970

    Letter from Gerard C. Smith to Henry A. Kissinger

    Gerard Smith advises Kissinger against assisting the French weapons program. He warns that this assistance might jeopardize SALT negotiations and also hurt US relations with Germany.

  • November 14, 1978

    Letter, Ambassador Michael Mansfield to Gerard C. Smith

    The letter describes Ambassador Mansfield's assessment of Japanese nonproliferation policy and Japan's skepticism about President Carter's nuclear policy.

  • August 29, 1979

    Memorandum of Conversation, 'Meeting Between Ambassador Gerard Smith and Japanese Minister of State for Science and Technology [Iwazo] Kaneko'

    The memorandum describes Japanes Minister of State for Science and Technology emphasizing the significance of a plutonium economy given Japan's energy needs.

  • January 31, 1980

    Secretary of Defense Harold Brown to Ambassador-at-Large Gerard C. Smith, enclosing excerpts from memoranda of conversations with Geng Biao and Deng Xiaoping.

    The Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979 had an immediate impact on U.S. policy toward Pakistan and U.S. aid to the anti-Soviet resistance through Islamabad. With these considerations, the U.S. chose to “set [the nuclear issue] aside for the time being.”

  • February 18, 1980

    Memorandum, Secretary of State Vance to President Carter, Enclosing Gerard C. Smith Report to the President, 'Nonproliferation Strategy for 1980 and Beyond'

    The memorandum conveys Smith's proposal of rethinking US nonproliferation policy on reprocessing.

  • April 09, 1980

    Memorandum to the Secretary of State from Gerard C. Smith, 'Policy Review Committee (PRC) Meeting'

    The memorandum describing Smith's argument that President Carter's nonproliferation policy of making distinctions between countries over reprocessing is discriminatory.

  • May 23, 1980

    Memorandum, Gerard C. Smith to the Secretary, 'Non-Proliferation Planning Assumptions'

    Smith sent new Secretary of State a distilled version of his policy proposals.

  • June 03, 1980

    Memorandum, 'Non-proliferation Policy'

    The memorandum describes a discussion of State Department officials on President Carter's nuclear nonproliferation policy.

  • June 04, 1980

    Talking Points, with Policy Planning Staff Paper and Memoranda from Holbrooke, Smith, and Pickering Attached,

    The memorandum elaborates background materials compiled by Smith, Pickering, Holbroke and Lake for a meeting with Secretary Muskie.

  • July 30, 1980

    Memorandum of conversation, 'Post-INFCE Explorations'

    The memorandum describes Ambassador Smith's meeting with Director General Yatabe regarding reprocessing of US origin materials and second reprocessing plant.

  • August 02, 1980

    Memorandum, 'Japanese Reprocessing,' with fax cover sheet from Henry Owen to Gerard C. Smith attached

    The memorandum questions Director General Yatabe's certainty about the second reprocessing plant, citing a conclusion of Japanese Atomic Energy Research Institute's draft report that Japan does not need the second plant.

  • September 16, 1980

    Letter, Gerard C. Smith to Atsuhiko Yatabe, with Enclosed Memoranda

    The memorandum describing Ambassador Smith's thinking about an improved nonproliferation regime to Director General Yatabe.