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  • October 28, 1949

    M. Maksimov, 'The National Front in Iran'

    Memorandum describing the "National Front" movement in Iran. Notes that one of the organizers, Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh, is anti-USSR and should be opposed. Also asserts that the pro-Great Britain tendencies of other members of the movement indicate that it is receiving support from the British.

  • May 10, 1981

    Report of Military Leaders to D. F. Ustinov

    This document reveals reluctance on the part of the Soviets to maintain military involvement in Afghanistan, and difficulty in shaping a newly forming Afghan government. The PDPA's efforts to establish a democratic government, Soviets analysts revealed, were hampered by tribalism and strong ethnic disagreements regarding the scope and shape of their government.

  • December 08, 1986

    Proposal on the Expiration of the Unilaterial Soviet Moratorium on Nuclear Testing

    Proposal to resume Soviet nuclear testing following the expiration of the USSR's unilateral moratorium on nuclear detonations on 1 January 1987. The US government continued nuclear testing throughout 1986 and did not join the Soviet moratorium. Proposes to announce the resumption of testing in December 1986 following the first American test explosion in 1987.