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  • January 10, 1955

    Cable from Feng Xuan, 'Reaction of Britain, United States, France towards the Kuala Lumpur Five Countries inviting China to attend the Afro-Asian Conference'

    The UK responded the decision of inviting China to attend the Asian-African Conference with anger, stating that countries in the Bogor Conference had wrong expectations toward China. The US feared that China would have great influence on the Asian-African Conference and thus weaken US influence in the region. The US and UK also worried that China’s participation would improve China-Japan relations. French press expressed this decision as the evidence of the failure of the US power in Southeast Asia.

  • December 03, 1957

    Cable from the Chinese Embassy in Switzerland, 'The Indonesian Ambassador Discussed the Issue of Next Year’s Afro-Asian Conference'

    The Indonesian ambassador observed that there would not be wide consensus as in the first Asian-African conference and proposed a second conference composed only of major countries.

  • January 24, 1964

    Cable from the Chinese Embassy in Switzerland, 'Conversation Transcript of the Fourth Talk for the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between China and France'

    Li Qingquan and Jacques de Beaumarchais discuss the process of normalizing relations between China and France.

  • December 10, 1964

    Cable from the Chinese Embassy in Switzerland, 'China's Nuclear Test has caused the American Imperialists to Panic'

    Cable from the Chinese Embassy in Switzerland describing the efforts of the United States, the West and the Soviet Union to downplay China's nuclear test.