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Digital Archive International History Declassified


  • November 02, 1950

    Ciphered telegram, S.E. Zakharov, Soviet Military Representative in Beijing, to Feng Xi (Stalin)

    Telegram to Stalin reporting on the status--operational readiness and losses incurred--of North Korean air forces.

  • March 03, 1951

    Ciphered Telegram from Filippov [Stalin] to Mao Zedong via Zakharov

    Agreement to relocate two fighter divisions - division 151 and 324 - under the command of General Belov to cover the rear of the Sino-Korean forces, if they are able to leave two Chinese air divisions in Andun to protect the power and communications in the area.

  • March 15, 1951

    Telegram from Stalin to Mao Zedong or Zhou Enlai, via Zakharov

    Stalin proposes sending more Soviet fighter planes to aid Chinese and Korean troops.

  • April 12, 1951

    Telegram from Vasilevsky and Shtemenko to Stalin

    Reporting their considerations to deploy Belov's fighter aircorps.

  • November 13, 1951

    Ciphered Telegram from Filippov [Stalin] to Mao Zedong via Krasovsky, Along with a Message to only Krasovsky

    Stating that the Soviet government believes that the security of communications in North Korea should be carried out mainly by fighter aircrafts, which is why it is highly recommended to speed up the construction of airfields so that Chinese aircrafts can be there. Stalin also reports that sending three fighter jet divisions on MiG-9 planes would be impossible because the planes are out of production, and there are no more of them in the field.