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  • 1944

    Report on the Political and Economic Situation in Tabriz in 1943

    A report detailing the political and economic situation in Tabriz in 1943, detailing, among other things, leadership, local government, and elections. There is emphasis placed on the Soviet role in the region and how it will affect outcomes.

  • June 24, 1944

    Decree by the USSR Council of People’s Commissars on Establishing a School in Tabriz

    A decree by Molotov discussing plans to establish a school in Tabriz with instruction in the Azerbaijani language.

  • February 07, 1945

    Message from Bagirov to Stalin and Molotov Containing a Record of a Conversation between Rossow and Pishevari

    Bagirov reports on a conversation between Pishevari and the American consul Robert Rossow about Soviet troops in Iran and the views of the separatist Azerbaijan People's Government.

  • June 10, 1945

    Decree by the USSR Council of People's Commissars on the Organization of Soviet Industrial Enterprises in Northern Iran

    A decree with plans for construction of various factories and enterprises in northern Iran under the organization of the Azerbaijan SSR.

  • June 21, 1945

    Decree of the State Defense Committee on Geological Prospecting Work for Oil in Northern Iran

    A decree on prospecting and drilling for oil in Northern Iran, detailing the exact plans of the Soviet Union.

  • July, 1945

    Message to Nikolai Aleksandrovich on Strengthen the Friendship between the Peoples of Southern Azerbaijan and the Soviet Union.

    A letter describing the activities of the Soviet 4th army to strengthen ties with the local population in Iranian Azerbaijan.

  • July 06, 1945

    Decree of the CC CPSU Politburo to Mir Bagirov CC Secretary of the Communist Party of Azerbaijan, 'Measures to Organize a Separatist Movement in Southern Azerbaijan and Other Provinces of Northern Iran'

    The Soviet leadership informs the leadership of the CPAz CC of the decisions taken regarding the need to organize a separatist movement in Northern Iran. The document sets up a step by step plan to insure that the population in Northern Iran can be manipulated to declare independence and join the Azerbaijan SSR.

  • July 09, 1945

    Message from General Tyulenev to the Commanding General of the 4th Army

    Plans for the organization of a hyrdogeological detachment to begin prospecting work for oil in northern Iran.

  • July 14, 1945

    Secret Soviet Instructions, 'Measures to Carry out Special Assignments throughout Southern Azerbaijan and the Northern Provinces of Iran'

    Soviet document with instructions on creating the Azerbaijan Democratic Party in northern Iran in an attempt to set the basis for a separatist movement.

  • July 24, 1945

    Message from Bagirov to Aleksandrov on Printing Presses

    Message requesting three printing presses for the publication of newspapers and an illustrated magazine.

  • July 24, 1945

    Message from Bagirov to Mikoyan on Publishing in Southern Azerbaijan

    Message requesting paper for the publication of newspapers and an illustrated magazine

  • July 24, 1945

    Message from Bagirov to Yudin on Printing Presses

    Message requesting printing presses for Southern Azerbaijan.

  • October 21, 1945

    Message from Bagirov and Maslennikov to Beria on Arming the Autonomous Movement in Iranian Azerbaijan

    A memo to Beria about helping the autonomous movement in Iranian Azerbaijan. It details both missions and operatives.

  • October 31, 1945

    Message to Bagirov on a Visit to Southern Azerbaijan

    A letter to Bagirov detailing a 10-day Soviet visit to Iranian Azerbaijan reporting on the progress of organizing the Azerbaijan Democratic Party.

  • December 02, 1945

    Message from Bagirov and Maslennikov on the Situation in Iranian Azerbaijan

    A letter reporting about the situation in Iranian Azerbaijan and pressures from the Iranian government on the separatist regime.

  • December 05, 1945

    Telegram to Bagirov from Molotov on National Committee Proposal

    A letter from Molotov to Bagirov responding to a phone message about a proposal from the National Committee, indicating that it was agreeable.

  • December 15, 1945

    Message from Bagirov and Maslennikov, Forwarding 'An Appeal of the National Government of Azerbaijan to its Population'

    Public statement released by Jafar Pishavari on the intentions of the separtist government in Iranian Azerbaijan.

  • December 16, 1945

    Message from Bagirov and Maslennikov on Iranian Brigade in Rezaye

    Report about a skirmish between separatist forces and an Iranian brigade in Rezaye. The brigade was convinced to disarm and disperse.

  • December 18, 1945

    Message from Bagirov and Maslennikov on the Mood of the Population in Tabriz

    Report about the reaction of the population in Tabriz to the formation of the separatist National Government of Azerbaijan.

  • December 19, 1945

    Message from Bagirov on the Activities of the National Government of Azerbaijan

    Tabriz authorities requested permission to unofficially assign Azerbaijani advisors to each of its new ministers.