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  • June 10, 1943

    Concerning a Spiritual Directorate of Muslims of Central Asia and Kazakhstan

    The Politburo directs the NKVD to permit the organization of a Spiritual Directorate of Muslims of Central Asia and Kazakhstan.

  • December 12, 1955

    Letter to the CPSU Central Committee, Request from Radmanesh for Iskanderi and Rust

    This letter from Radmanesh asks the CPSU CC to give Iskanderi and Rust the means for travel to Tajikistan and asks the CP CC of Tajikistan to help them when they are there.

  • September 16, 1961

    Visit to the Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Tajik SSR Comrade M.R. Rakhmatov 16. 9. 61

    Moroccan Ambassador Al Fassi speaks with Rakhmatov about his visit to Tajikistan and the outlook for the Tajik republic.

  • June 14, 1962

    Letter, X. Rakhmatualleva to the Union of Writers of Tajikistan

    The Tajik Society of Friendship and Cultural Ties with Foreign Countries wishes to send delegations to several countries in Africa.

  • September 10, 1962

    Letter, A. Stepunin to Comrade A.K. Narzikulov

    The Soviet Societies of Friendship and Cultural Ties with Foreign Countries asks Tajikistan to nominate members for trips to the Middle East.

  • December 01, 1965

    Kh. K. Karimov, 'A Short Report on the Work of the “People’s education in Soviet Tajikistan (Kabul, November 20 – December 2 1965)” Exhibition'

    Account of a recent exhibition in Kabul, including a Tajik publication in Arabic script and a conversation with a refugee from Samarkand.

  • April 29, 1972

    Report by Iu. Gankovsky

    Praise for the work of Tajik linguists.

  • January 01, 1981

    Autobiographical Notes Davlatali Fayzamievich Bobiev

    Account of Bobiev's service in Afghanistan, including at the Khayraton-Kabul highway and Balkh province.

  • February 02, 1990

    National Intelligence Daily for Friday, 2 February 1990

    The CIA’s National Intelligence Daily for 2 February 1990 describes the latest developments in German unification, Bulgaria, Costa Rica, Arab States, Vietnam, and the Soviet Union.