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Digital Archive International History Declassified


  • 1956

    South African Cabinet Memorandum, Research in the Field of Nuclear Energy and Exchanging Information with Friendly Nations

    South African Cabinet memorandum discussing the potential for nuclear cooperation and technology assistance from various friendly countries, including the United States, Great Britain, and the Netherlands.

  • November 26, 1957

    Letter, South African Atomic Energy Board, 'Production of Heavy Water in the Union'

    The Deputy Chairman of South Africa's Atomic Energy Board sets out the present position in regard to the manufacture of heavy water in the Union.

  • May 13, 1960

    Letter, T. Schumann,' Application for Grant from AEC of USA'

    Letter from the Deputy Chairman of the South African Council on Nuclear Power regarding an application to the United States Atomic Energy Commission for assistance.

  • July 07, 1960

    Confidential Telegram from South African Department of Foreign Affairs M. I. Botha to South African Ambassador to Vienna D.B. Sole on sale of Uranium to Israel

  • July 21, 1960

    Letter from South African Department for Foreign Affairs Official M.I. Botha on Sale of Uranium to Israel (excerpt)

  • April 11, 1963

    Letter, South African Ambassador to the United States

  • February 01, 1965

    Request from Department of the Prime Minister for Presidential Approval for a Bilateral Agreement on the Sale of South African Uranium to Israel

  • January, 1966

    Briefing for South African Representative to the United Nations

    Instructions to a South African delegate to the United Nations.

  • 1968

    South African, Information on Armscor and Armaments Development and Production Act

  • September 12, 1973

    R.J. Montgomery, South African Ambassador, Lisbon, to Sekretaris van Buitelandse Sake, 'Besoek aan Angola en Mosambiek: Augustus 1973'

  • November 19, 1973

    Samesprekings tussen sy edele die minister van verdeding van Portugal en sy edele die minister van verdediging van Suid-Afrika te Lissabon, 29 November 1973

  • May 21, 1974

    Kolonel J.F.J. van Rensburg to Hugo Biermann, Chief of the Defense Force, 'Operasie waardering van die RSA se Moontlike Aktiewe Militêre Betrokkenheid in Mosambiek'

  • August, 1974

    Direktoraat Militêre Inligting, 'Die Terrorisbedreiging teen die RSA en SWA: Huidige Stand en Verwagte Uitbreiding' (Excerpts)

  • September 10, 1974

    Letter, B.G. Fourie to General H.J. van den Bergh

  • October 02, 1974

    Die Militêre Milieu in Suider-Afrika Waarin die RSA Hom Tans Bevind

  • August 24, 1977

    Telegram from South African Mission in New York to Department of Foreign Affairs on the New York Times Editorial 'Rumors, Not Bombs in South Africa'

    Summary of New York Times editorial regarding Carter's press conference on South Africa's alleged development of nuclear weapons.

  • September 30, 1977

    Draft letter and Aide Memoire from South African Foreign Minister R.F. Botha to US Secretary of State Cyrus Vance

    South African Foreign Minister R.F. Botha writes to the US Secretary of State disputing accusations that South Africa is developing nuclear weapons.

  • November 30, 1978

    Report on South African-American Talks held in Washington on 20, 21, and 22 November 1978 in connection with the "Nuclear Non-Proliferation Act, 1978" (NNPA)

  • December 06, 1978

    Matters Arising from the South African-American Talks held in Washington on 20, 21 and 22 November 1978 in connection with the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Act, 1978 (NNPA)

  • March 13, 1979

    Memorandum South African Defence Force, 'Report on Special Visit to Israel - 19 to 23 February 1979'

    Report on South African Major General Gleeson's visit to Israel 'in connection with a long range surface-to-surface missile.'