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  • July 15, 1960

    CC CPSU Report, 'Measures to Vigorously Counteract Hostile Radio Propaganda Directed at the Soviet Population'

    Report from the head of the Department of Agitation and Propaganda of the Central Committee of the CPSU detailing the shortcomings of Soviet broadcast media in countering Western broadcasts. The document is noteworthy for its criticism of the poor distribution of Soviet newscasts in the Eastern part of the USSR, and acknowledgment of how Western broadcasts have filled this void. An interesting point is made on the habit of adapting Soviet-made receivers to capture Western shortwave broadcasts.

  • July 19, 1960

    CPSU CC Decree of the Secretariat Protocol Nº 158 § 6 Measures to Vigorously Counteract Hostile Radio Propaganda

    A Central Committee decree on measures to counter "hostile radio propaganda" by increasing broadcasts of Soviet radio programs.

  • November 24, 1960

    Central Committee of the Communist Party of Uzbekistan Memorandum Concerning Progress in Implementing the CC CPSU Decree 'Measures to Vigorously Counteract Hostile Radio Propaganda'

    Report from the Central Committees of Uzbekistan on actions taken to improve broadcasting of Soviet programs in order to counter Western broadcasts.