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Digital Archive International History Declassified


  • 1970

    Review from Gen. Grigor Grigorov on Subversive Activities of Turkish Intelligence 1968-1969

    Report on the work of Turkish intelligence services in Bulgaria.

  • February 01, 1970

    Letter, Isa Yusuf Alptekin, President of the National Center for the Liberation of Eastern Turkestan, to President Richard Nixon

    Isa Yusuf Alptekin writes to President Nixon to explain the plight of his people and to request assistance.

  • February 06, 1970

    Letter, John M. Murphy, Member of Congress, to the Honorable Richard M. Nixon

    Congressman Murphy forwards a letter and appeal from Isa Yusuf Alptekin to President Nixon.

  • February 17, 1970

    Answer Written by W. E. Timmons, Assisstant Of Richard M. Nixon, the President Of The United States, to John M. Murphy’s Letter

    Answer by William E. Simmons to the letter sent by John M. Murphy about Yusuf Isa Alptekin's memorandum, as published in Isa Yusuf Alptekin's Turkish language book "Doğu Türkistan İnsanlıktan Yardım İstiyor" (East Turkistan Expects Help from Humankind).

  • March 12, 1970

    Memorandum for Mr. Henry A. Kissinger, the White House, from Theodore L. Eliot, Jr.

    Theodore Eliot advises Henry Kissinger that "the United States should avoid becoming involved in an issue which could seriously damage our efforts to improve relations with Peking."