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Digital Archive International History Declassified


  • January 13, 1979

    Minutes of Conversation, Todor Zhivkov – Leonid Brezhnev

    Leonid Ilyich analyzes the establishment of US-Chinese diplomatic relations and recent developments in Iran and the Middle East. Todor Zhivkov talks about Bulgaria’s economic development and the Soviet cancellation of Bulgarian debt.

  • January 16, 1979

    Resolution of the Secretariat of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, 'Request from Comrade N. Kiyanuri'

    Resolution of the TsK KPSS Secretariat re a request from N. Kianouri, Secretary of the People's Party of Iran (PPI) to exchange 15,000 Soviet rubles for German marks and transfer the money to the PPI.

  • January 16, 1979

    Deputy Director of the International Department of the CPSU Central Committee R. Ul'ianovskii, 'Request from Comrade N. Kiyanuri'

    Ulianovskii reports PPI request to exchange 15,000 rubles collected by PPI members in Moscow into FRG Marks for "Party needs."

  • January 17, 1979

    Memorandum, Shigeaki Ueki, Brazilian Minister of Energy on Nuclear Energy Cooperation with Iraq

    Minister of Mines and Energy, Shigeaki Ueki, reports to the Secretary-General of the National Security Council, General Gustavo Rego Reis, and to the Foreign Minister, Azeredo da Silveira, the requests made by Iraqi officials in 1978 and the stage of negotiations on the subject. He emphasizes the high value placed by Iraq on the matter and the increased relevance of Iraq as an oil-supplier and recommends that Brazil should satisfy Iraq’s demand.

  • January 21, 1979

    Copy of Report from IC "Reza"

    The Executive of the Tudeh Party's Central Committee discusses appointments of Tudeh Party of Iran Central Committee leadership in violation of the statutes and norms of the Party.

  • January 23, 1979

    Extract from Minutes No. 143 para. 63gs of the Secretariat of the Central Committee, 'Request from Comrade N. Kiyanuri'

    The CPSU Central Committee resolves, due to a request from N. Kiyanuri, to exchange 15,000 rubles for FRG Marks for the CPSU Central Committee Administration of Affairs.

  • January 30, 1979

    Aviso no. 025/79, Response from Minister Antonio Francisco Azeredo da Silveira and General Gustavo Rego Reis

    In separate replies regarding Iraq's overtures, both Foreign Minister Silveira and Secretary-General of the National Security Council Gustavo Rego Reis suggest that Brazil should not decline explicitly, but avoid making commitments on this issue. General Reis emphasizes Saddam Hussein’s “leftist inclinations” and his ties to the socialist camp and the extensiveness of the proposed agreement. He notes that Brazil had already rejected proposals by Uruguay, Chile and Libya. Silveira merely requested additional time to study the proposal.

  • February 07, 1979

    Meeting of Former Prime Minister Fukuda and Vice Premier Deng (Summary Record)

    Deng and Fukuda discuss developments in Cambodia, among other subjects.

  • February 16, 1979

    Note about the Meeting between Comrades Erich Honecker and Muammar al-Gaddafi on 16 February 1979 in Tripoli

    Gaddafi describes Libya’s geopolitical position and requests arms, which Honecker agrees to provide. Gaddafi states that he financially supported the Iranian Revolution and intends to support movements in Angola, Zambia, and Mozambique as well. At Honecker’s suggestion, Gaddafi is willing to sign a “Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation” between their two countries.

  • February 20, 1979

    Saddam and High-Ranking Officials Discussing Khomeini, the Ethiopian-Eritrean conflict, the Potential for Kurdish Unrest, and the Iranian Economy

    Transcript of a meeting between Saddam and some Iraqi diplomatic personnel dated 20 February 1979. The meeting's main issue was Iran and Khomeini. One of the attendants asked Saddam if there is any possibility of turbulence in Iranian Kurdistan due to the internal chaos of the Iranian government. And if so, how would it affect Iraqi Kurdistan. They talked about the Iranian economy and the Iranian army. They said that the Iranian air force contains mostly American jets and it was built on American experience. Secondly they had a discussion about Eritrea and the diplomatic relationship between Iraq and Eritrea.

  • March 13, 1979

    Memorandum South African Defence Force, 'Report on Special Visit to Israel - 19 to 23 February 1979'

    Report on South African Major General Gleeson's visit to Israel 'in connection with a long range surface-to-surface missile.'

  • March 18, 1979

    Exerpt from Politburo Meeting on Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan

    CPSU CC Politburo Member Chernenko states that Soviet invervention in Afghanistan will lead to accussation of Soviet aggression

  • March 27, 1979

    Revolutionary Command Council Meeting after the Baghdad Conference of 1979

    Saddam and his executive Revolutionary Command Council discuss the March resolutions of the Arab League, which included the expulsion of Egypt and the cutting diplomatic ties due to its peace treaty with Israel.

  • April 27, 1979

    Letter from Y.Andropov to Gen. D. Stoyanov Thanking Him for Materials on Turkey and Peru

  • April 30, 1979

    Notes on a Meeting in the Great People's Palace in Peking on 30 April 1979 at 9 A.M

    Huang Hua says that "the Vietnamese were the Cubans of Asia but rather more dangerous." In addition to commenting on the situation in Indochina, Huang weighs in on Soviet and Cuban policies toward the Third World, events in the Middle East, and China's involvement in the United Nations.

  • May 11, 1979

    Meeting Report on Meeting with Informal Contact "Reza" about the Situation among Iranian Emigres

    An informal collaborator reports that Tudeh Party functionaries in the GDR have largely returned to Iran and discusses the possibility of his own return to Iran.

  • May 22, 1979

    Memorandum for Margaret Thatcher in Response to a Letter from Menachem Begin

    Memorandum with a briefing on both the Pakistani and Israeli nuclear positions and suggestions for a response to the letter from Menachem Begin.

  • May 31, 1979

    Report on Iraqi Intelligence Services Activity in Bulgaria

  • June 28, 1979

    Report on the Situation in Afghanistan, Gromyko, Andropov, Ustinov, and Ponomarev to CPSU CC

    The CC CPSU points to the economic 'backwardness,' small middle class, and the weakness of the PDPA as the reasons behind political instability in Afghanistan. Increasing internal support of the PDPA and strengthening the Afghan military are proposed solutions achieve stability.

  • June 28, 1979

    Draft instructions to the Soviet Ambassador in Kabul with Appeal of the CC CPSU Politburo to the CC PDPA Politburo

    Members of the CC CPSU summarize the political instability in Afghanistan, pointing to collective leadership in government and to the military as stabilizing the political situation.