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Digital Archive International History Declassified


  • 1980

    Communist Unions in Lebanon

    Information on various workers’ unions in Lebanon, including membership lists of the printers, builders, chefs, hotel/restaurant workers and more.

  • 1980

    Organization of the Lebanese Communist Party

    Document discusses the organization/structure of the Lebanese Communist Party.

  • 1980

    Communist Covert Activities

    Document describes Communist Activities in Lebanon and Syria, international communications between Lebanese and Syrian communists and other Arab countries, Turkey, and Iran.

  • 1980

    Comprehensive History of the Lebanese Communist Party

  • 1980

    Adeeb al-Shishakli. Attempt to Organise a Military Coup in Syria

    Description of Adeeb al-Shishakli's visits to Lebanon and attempt to organize a military coup in Syria.

  • 1980

    Soviet briefing on the need to counter-balance Yugoslav endeavors concerning the Afghan question in the non-aligned countries

    This document provides an assessment of Yugoslavia’s policy regarding non-aligned countries. The Soviet Union analyses how to counter-balance the non-alignment movement with its foreign policy. The topic of non-interference in internal political matters, and the opinion of Ghana, Kuwait, and India regarding Soviet involvement in Afghanistan are discussed.

  • 1980

    Soviet briefing on the correspondence between Tito and Brezhnev

    This document reveals correspondence between Brezhnev and Tito. Tito expresses his worries about international politics relating to NATO's decision regarding long/medium range missiles, and advocates for Soviet troop withdrawal from Afghanistan. Brezhnev emphasizes the ideological and pragmatic importance of Soviet involvement in the Middle East, and discusses the role of NATO in Europe.

  • 1980

    About the Role of Islam in Iran

    Stasi report outlines the history of Islam in Iran as well as Ayatollah Khomeini's personal history and foreign policy statements in an attempt to better understand the Iranian government and its likely foreign policy.

  • 1980

    Meeting between Saddam Hussein and His Cabinet Discussing a Plan to Develop Iraqi Cities

    Saddam and his ministers discuss housing and urban development in Baghdad and other Iraqi cities.

  • January 01, 1980

    General Military Intelligence Directorate Report Assessing Political, Military, and Economic Conditions in Iran

    This file contains a top secret intelligence report about Iran, issued by the General Military Intelligence Directorate (GMID), dated 01 January 1980 to 30 June 1980. mThe report includes information about the political, economic and military situation in Iran, including political system of the Iranian regime, information about different political parties in Iran, information about opposing Iranian groups, the crisis in the Iranian economy due to the sanctions and decrease in oil exporting, Iranian economic relations and activities, the status of different Iranian military units, and information about the Iranian navy and the air force.

  • January 04, 1980

    Note from the Soviet Ambassador to Afghanistan on Radio Broadcasting Station

    The USSR ambassador to the DRA confirms the decision to build a radio broadcasting station.

  • January 07, 1980

    Memorandum on the discussion with the Afghan side concerning the building of a radio broadcast station

    Confirming the decision to build a medium-wave broadcasting station, this CC CPSU includes information about station's construction site, its time frame for being built, and the economic credits which will be used to finance the project.

  • January 17, 1980

    Meeting of the Central Committee of the Italian Socialist Party

    During a meeting of the Central Committee of the Socialist Party, Bettino Craxi presents his point of view on the tense international situation.

  • February, 1980

    Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Special Project Division, 'Proliferation Analysis and International Assessments'

    This issue of Proliferation Analysis and International Assessments includes a heavily excised article on Iraq, a piece on South Africa’s security prospects, and a apparently a third essay that has been wholly exempted. The essay on South Africa’s nuclear aims suggests that the arguments pro and con for a nuclear capability to deal with regional security threats are so powerful that “internal political and bureaucratic” consideration are probably more relevant for nuclear decisions.

  • February 19, 1980

    Assisting the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan in Strengthening the Mass Media

    A plan to build a pro-Soviet, anti-counterevolutionary media campagin, in Afghanistan. The plan includes an intenship program for the "Bakhtar" Afghan News Agency in Moscow.

  • March 10, 1980

    Note about the Situation Among the National Groups of Iraqi Students in the Soviet Union

    In the early months of 1980, Iraqi students are studying in cities all over the Soviet Union. However, Ba'athist students attempt to provoke a mass brawl with the communist students, especially in the city of Tashkent. The Iraqi government then tries to place the blame entirely on the communist Iraqi students, and evidence suggests that the Iraqi government may have been guiding the Ba'athist students.

  • March 30, 1980

    From an interview with the President of the SI, Brandt, for the French newspaper Le Nouvel Observateur 30 March 1980

    Willy Brandt's interview for the French newspaper on Camp David and recognition of the new Jewish state.

  • April 22, 1980

    Minutes of Conversation between Todor Zhivkov and Hafez Al-Assad, Damascus

    The two leaders talk about recent developments in the Middle East, US-Arab relations, and Soviet support for Arab regimes.

  • April 22, 1980

    Minutes of Conversation between Todor Zhivkov and Yasser Arafat, Damascus

    The two leaders discuss the situation in the Middle East, and the role of the superpowers - the US and the Soviet Union.

  • May 30, 1980

    Deputy Director of the International Department CPSU Central Committee R. Ul'ianovskii, 'On a Request from the Leadership of the People's Party of Iran'

    R. Ulianovskii requests payment for the travel of 10 PPI members to the USSR for "Party business."