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  • July 17, 1989

    Letter from Aleksakhin and Annenkov to Gorbachev and Rykov

    Letter from director and deputy of the National Radiology and Agroecology Research Institute, being ready to lead the process of agricultural decontamination to reclaim irradiated land in 30 km exlcusion zone. In addition, they argue that there is no lack of competent specialists, contaty to the talks in Congress of People's Deputies of the Soviet Union.

  • September 23, 1989

    USSR: Challenges from Nationalist Reformers in the Ukraine

    An analysis of nationalist movements and potential reformist legislation in Ukraine.

  • September 23, 1989

    USSR: Succession in the Ukraine

    An analysis of Shcherbitskiy's ousting from the Ukrainian Politburo.

  • September 29, 1989

    National Intelligence Daily for Friday, 29 September 1989

    The CIA’s National Intelligence Daily for 29 September 1989 describes the latest developments in China, Tunisia, the Soviet Union, Ecuador, Peru, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Philippines, Indonesia, Iran, and Brazil.

  • November 27, 1989

    Western Ukraine: Drive for Independence

    An analysis of independence movements in Western Ukraine and the role of the Ukrainian Catholic Church.

  • November 27, 1989

    Special Analysis: USSR: Ukrainian Politics Come Alive

    An analysis of Ukraine's popular front, Rukh, and its potential effects on Communist rule in.