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Digital Archive International History Declassified


  • May 11, 1989

    CPSU Politburo Discussion of the Memorandum of Six Politburo members on the Situation in the Baltic Republics

    Discussion of separatist and nationalist sentiment in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

  • July 28, 1989

    USSR: Baltic Republics Move toward Economic Autonomy

    An analysis of reforms for economic autonomy in the Baltics.

  • July 31, 1989

    Special Analysis: USSR: Baltic Nationalists Press Ahead

    An analysis of further efforts to institutionalize republic sovereignty by Baltic states.

  • August 27, 1989

    Special Analysis: USSR: Balts to Mark 1939 Anniversary Tomorrow

    An analysis of planned demonstrations in the Baltics and Soviet efforts to dampen local support for opposition movements.

  • September 07, 1989

    Special Analysis: USSR: The Option of Force in the Baltics

    An analysis of the Soviet posture toward the Baltic's movements for greater autonomy.

  • September 14, 1989

    USSR: Baltic Parties Pressing Ahead

    An analysis of the Baltic governments' actions despite Soviet Central Committee condemnation.

  • December 06, 1989

    USSR: Baltic Republics Gain Limited Economic Autonomy

    An analysis of the law adopted by the Supreme Soviet to give limited economic autonomy to the Baltic republics.

  • December 16, 1989

    USSR: Nationalists Gain in Latvian Elections

    An analysis of Popular Front success in Latvian elections.