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  • January 16, 1994

    Cable, U.S. Delegation Secretary to the Secretary of State, 'Secretary’s Meeting with Foreign Ministers of Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. January 11, 1994, Prague, the Ambassador's Residence'

    US Secretary of State Christopher described the results of a recent NATO summit, the Partnership for Peace (PfP) concept, and NATO expansion.

  • January 24, 1994

    Letter of President L. Kravchuk to Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada I. Plyushch

    Ukrainian President Kravchuk describes the completion of a trilateral agreement with the United States and Russia regarding the dismantling of Ukraine's nuclear weapons.

  • February 12, 1994

    Cable No. 1461, Ambassador Kuriyama to the Foreign Minister, 'Japan-United States Summit Meeting (Working Lunch, Separate Telegram 4: Russia)'

    Clinton and Hosokawa discuss efforts to support economic and political reforms in Russia.

  • May 13, 1994

    Cable, U.S. Embassy, Bonn, to the Secretaries of State and Defense, 'May 12 Kohl/Yeltsin Talks'

    A German official relays a summary of the talks between Helmut Kohl and Boris Yeltsin to Richard Holbrooke.

  • September 01, 1994

    Facilitator's Perception Paper -- Halifax

    (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada) This facilitator’s perception paper summarizes the discussion of the 1994 ACRS Working Group plenary in Canada. At the plenary, the delegates discussed the Middle East Peace Process, maritime search and rescue and incident prevention, and confidence-building.