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Digital Archive International History Declassified


  • March 10, 1938

    Report on Imre Nagy’s Arrest by the NKVD (Commissariat of Internal Affairs)

    Matusov and Altman report on Nagy's arrest on 4/5 March 1938 and subsequent release on 8 March, and describe some of his work.

  • June, 1941

    Report from the People’s Committee of Internal Affairs to the Central Committee of the Hungarian Communist Party, about Agent 'Volodya' (Imre Nagy)

    Sverdlov provides a brief overview of agent "Volodya" (Imre Nagy) and his work.

  • April 22, 1949

    Russian Activities in Lebanon

    Short document describing a meeting between a Russian agent living in Syria and a member of the Russian Legation in Beirut.

  • April 23, 1949

    Untitled report on Turkey

    Reports of Soviet spying on Turkish and United States military activity in Iskenderun, Turkey.

  • June 18, 1949

    Project against the Kurds

    Report on Russian efforts to gather intelligence on Anglo-American activities related to Kurdish political parties in the Middle East.

  • June 25, 1949

    Untitled report on Soviet movements in Syria

    The Russians are interested in understanding Husni Al-Zaim's supporters and policy.

  • June 28, 1949

    Untitled report on Soviet movements in Lebanon

    Short document on the actions of the Russian legation in Lebanon.

  • June 29, 1949

    Untitled report on Soviet activities in Lebanon

    The Soviets are monitoring Germans arriving from Damascus to Beirut.

  • July 06, 1949

    Untitled note on an American diplomat in Beirut

    Short document on the arrival of an American diplomat with notes on surveillance efforts by "Russian and Jewish agents."

  • July 14, 1949

    Untitled report on a Soviet musician/intelligence agent

    Klary Svokolov, a musician, is a Russian agent reporting on nightclub goers.

  • August 01, 1949

    Circassian Activities

    The Journalist informer passes on information from the Russian legation regarding the movements of Russian agents in Damascus.

  • 1951

    Networks Acting for the Russians

    The locations of Russian centers and agents conducting popular activities and their strategies for propaganda. The iems the Russian Commission is tracking are also broached, including military munition in Beirut and the Syrian Republic.

  • June 16, 1960

    Memorandum by the Chairman of the Committee for State Security on Disruption of Soviet Missiles

    Shelepin reports on intelligence claiming that US scientists have developed a method to disrupt the guidance of Soviet missiles during launch.

  • August 30, 1963

    Meeting of the Political Bureau of the Romanian Workers Party (Excerpts)

    The Romanian Politburo discusses Soviet networks operating covertly on their territory and Khrushchev’s reaction when confronted over this issue. The Politburo intends to shut down those networks and reclaim the Romanian agents working in them.

  • March, 1964

    Transcript of Conversations between Delegations of the Central Committee of the Romanian Workers Party and the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party (Excerpts)

    Romanian and Chinese officials on the Soviet use of informal channels to interfere in Romania’s domestic affairs.

  • July, 1964

    Transcript of Conversations Between Delegations of the Romanian Workers Party Central Committee and the Communist Party of the Soviet Union Central Committee in Moscow (Excerpts)

    Transcript of meetings in Moscow between Romanian and Soviet officials. They discuss disagreements and divergences that have developed between the two parties.

  • July, 1964

    Conversations Between Delegations of the Romanian Workers Party and the Communist Party of the Soviet Union in Moscow, July 1964 (excerpts)

    Delegates from Romania discuss the strained Soviet-Romanian relationship with Soviet officials. Issues raised include the organizational structure of the Warsaw Pact’s military forces, the Council of Mutual Economic Assistance (CMEA or Comecon), and the existence of Soviet spies and espionage networks in Romania, the Soviet insistence that all Communist countries should support their proposals in international bodies and vote as a block, and other unilateral Soviet decisions such as placing missiles in Cuba in 1962.

  • July 06, 1964

    Note on Issues in Romanian-Soviet Relations Prepared by the Romanian Side for the Conversations in Moscow

    List of the ultimately irreconcilable differences that had arisen in Soviet-Romanian relations under Gheorghe Gheorghiu Dej by July 1964, in preparation for the upcoming discussions in Moscow. Topping the list of major problems were the “anti-Soviet atmosphere in Romania,” the “problem of Soviet citizens,” and the “maintenance of espionage networks” on Romanian territory.

  • July 17, 1964

    Notes from Meeting of Romanian Delegation with Nikita Khrushchev in Moscow, 17 July 1964 (excerpts)

    Khrushchev, Kosygin, and Romanian representative Bodnăraş discuss the history of Soviet-Romanian relationships, Soviet espionage in Romania, and the Cuban Missile Crisis.

  • December 02, 1964

    Stasi Report on Meetings with the KGB, 30 November-1 December 1964

    Meetings between KGB Chairman Semichastny and East German Minister for State Security Mielke. Topics of discussion include Lyndon B. Johnson's recent election in the United States, Khrushchev's ouster from the Kremlin, Sino-Soviet relation, and Khrushchev's son-in-law Alexei Adzhubei.