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Digital Archive International History Declassified


  • November 04, 1974

    Meeting in Pretoria between Zambian, Rhodesian and South African Representatives

    Zambia wishes to assist in the normalization of the political situation in Rhodesia and the promotion of genuine peace.

  • December 16, 1974

    US Department of State, Intelligence Note, 'Rhodesia: A Breakthrough Toward Settlement?'

    Description of Rhodesian Prime Minister Ian Smith's new announcement regarding the settling of Rhodesia's nine year old constitutional stalemate. Hostilities would cease and negotiations would be renewed, along with a release of all African political detainees.

  • March 03, 1976

    South African Government Cabinet Minutes on Rhodesia, 3 March-1 September 1976

    Excerpts from discussions on the situation in Rhodesia, the possible implications that a hostile Rhodesia would pose to South African defense calculations, and the policies South Africa should pursue with regards to Rhodesia.

  • June 14, 1976

    Report on Dr. Hilgard Muller’s and Brand Fourie’s Reaction to 'Yesterday's meeting,' and Accompanying Memorandum

    South African opinions on situation in Rhodesia as well as prospects of external involvement in the conflict

  • June 23, 1976

    Conversation between Prime Minister of South Africa Balthazar Vorster and US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger

    Meeting of a US delegation headed by Henry Kissinger with South African officials including Prime Minister Vorster on the topic of the situation in Rhodesia, Smith's rule there, the military situation in that country, and the potential involvement of Cuba or China in the conflict.

  • October 08, 1976

    Background Papers, Kissinger Proposals at Geneva Conference

    An examination of the consequences of Kissinger's proposal at the Geneva Conference. An overview of South Africa's predicament when it comes to Rhodesia.

  • October 14, 1976

    Rhodesian (CIO) Intelligence Report: Formation of Patriotic Front

    Report from the Rhodesian Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) on the formation of a patriotic front of Rhodesian African Opposition groups ahead of the Geneva Conference

  • December 07, 1976

    Report for South African Prime Minister Balthazar Vorster from ADR, Prime Minister's Return to Geneva

    Description of the situation at the Geneva Conference, the lack of Kissinger's presence due to Ford's electoral defeat, and the South African realization that the chance for a peace settlement at Geneva is almost gone.

  • April 01, 1977

    Memorandum of Meeting of South African Prime Minister Vorster, Pik Botha and Brand Fourie on Rhodesia

    Botha describes that neither South Africa nor Rhodesia can count on much support from the United States.

  • December 27, 1977

    Memorandum, 'Visit to Head Office, Mr. David Richardson, Liaison with the Rhodesian African National Council'

    Richardson describes a visit to Rhodesia and meeting with Bishop Muzurewa. Describes tribal factors that influence alliance formation among opposition groups in Rhodesia.

  • February 06, 1978

    Report on Soviet Delegation to Tanzania, Zambia, Mozambique and Angola

    Led by USSR Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, L. F. Ilyichev, the delegation met with southern African leaders to discuss the situation in Zimbabwe and Namibia.

  • February 16, 1978

    Report, South African Department of Foreign Affairs, 'Transit Visit of Reverand Ndabaningi Sithole'

    Reverand Sithole's upcoming trip to London to discuss Britain's continued support for the PF in Rhodesia.

  • February 27, 1978

    Report, South African Department of Foreign Affairs, 'The Reverend Sithole's Visit to Europe'

    Description of Sithole's discussion with British Foreign Secretary Dr. Owen regarding possible arrangements in Rhodesia, including composition of potential interim government.

  • July 31, 1978

    Meeting, Thornhill Air Base between Smith, Fourie, Gaylard and Snell

    Discussion of British involvement in Rhodesian conflict resolution, whether domestic British politics is a driving force of Foreign Secretary Owen's recent ovetures.

  • October 16, 1978

    Statements of Agostinho Neto, Samora Machel and Mengistu Haile Mariam on the Political Situation in Zimbabwe

    Statements made during Todor Zhivkov’s visit to sub-Saharan Africa, 16-19 October 1978

  • January 19, 1979

    Political Action Committee, Guidelines to Formulate a Total National Strategy for Rhodesia

    There is not a contradiction between the proposed short term approach regarding Rhodesia and the proposed longer term approach regarding Angola, Mozambique, Rhodesia and South West Africa.

  • February 21, 1979

    Memorandum, Meeting on Rhodesian Situation at the Office of the Secretary of Foreign Affairs of South Africa

    Discussion centered around British support for Smith, Anglo-American involvement in the conflict, Cuban/Soviet involvement, and South Africa's stake in it all.

  • April 02, 1979

    Telegram, Personal for Secretary—My K11

    Chief Kayisa Ndiweni explains his visit to Europe, including the heated argument with Foreign Secretary Owen that transpired.

  • May, 1979

    The Republic of South Africa's National Security Objectives, Policy and Guidelines

    Description of policies that South Africa will pursue in Southern Africa, including in Zimbabwe-Rhodesia.

  • May, 1979

    Telegram from RGBS, Salisbury, to Secretary of Central Security Council, Pretoria

    Political guidelines which are at present valid are focused on ensuring maximum room for politicians to manoeuvre in attempts to have sanctions lifted in order to bring about recognition for Zim. Rhod.