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  • December 10, 1945

    Malik, 'On the Question of a United Government in Korea'

    This document discusses the creation of an independent Korea. Roosevelt, Churchill, and Jiang Jieshi (Chiang Kai-shek) first presented the idea at the Cairo Conference in 1943. The United States supports the creation of a single Korean state while the USSR opposes it. The document discusses the importance of the answer to the unification question for the Soviet Union's political and economic future as well as its interest in the Far East.

  • January 03, 1947

    Central Intelligence Group, ORE 5/1, 'The Situation in Korea'

    An intelligence report about both North and South Korea. The report explains what the situation currently is and what is projected to happen with Soviet and American interaction with their respective Koreas.

  • July 11, 1948

    Record of Conversation between Kim Gu and Liu Yuwan

    Kim Gu (Kim Koo) and the Chinese Nationalist Minister Liu Yuwan discuss Kim's participation in the South Korean government, his attendance at a conference in Pyongyang, and the possibility of a Russian-led attack on southern Korea.

  • October 10, 1948

    Soviet Political, Economic, and Cultural Aid to the DPRK People for the DPRK's Democratic Construction

    The Ministry of Culture and Propaganda publishes a pamphlet on the Soviet Union's tremendous assistance to the DPRK and contrasts the Soviet Union with the behavior of the US and Japan.

  • March 16, 1949

    National Security Council Report, NSC 8/1, 'The Position of the United States with Respect to Korea'

    Report by the National Security Council to the President on US policy objectives regarding Korea.

  • May 07, 1949

    Telegram, Ambassador Wellington Koo to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    Koo reports on defections from the South Korean army, US policy towards Korea, and hopes for closer collaboration between the Republic of Korea and the Republic of China.

  • June 19, 1950

    Current Capabilities of the Northern Korean Regime

    This report assesses the capabilities of North Korea in reference to; the Soviet position, the current political, economic, and military situations, and the current operations against South Korea.

  • June 27, 1950

    Statement by the President, Truman on Korea

    Truman's statement on the invasion of South Korea by North Korean forces.

  • January, 1951

    Contract, Goverment of Republic of Korea and CDT Corporation

    Detailed agreement on the price of scrap collected in Korea, and arrangements for shipping.

  • January 26, 1951

    Letter, Harold Lady to Syngman Rhee

    Harold Lady writes regarding his decision to leave Japan because of issues with the State Department.

  • April 02, 1951

    Letter, Syngman Rhee to Lieutenant General John B. Coulter

    Syngman Rhee thanks Coulter for his birthday letter.

  • February 13, 1952

    Telegram, Ambassador Wellington Koo to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    Koo reports on the Senator Robert A. Taft's presidential election speech on the West Coast and news from the International Herald Tribune.

  • July 09, 1952

    Telegram, Ambassador Wellington Koo to the Taipei Presidential Palace

    Koo reports on a new confidential military message about how to mobilize the Kuomintang's army.

  • July 10, 1952

    Telegram, Ambassador Wellington Koo to the Taipei Presidential Palace

    Koo reports on his observation of the President Harry S. Truman's attitude toward dispatching the Kuomintang's army to the Korean War.

  • June 06, 1953

    Statement by President Syngman Rhee

    President Syngman Rhee strongly opposed the peace talks between the United Nations, the North Korea People’s Army, and the Chinese People’s Volunteer Army. Rhee proposed that he would accept this armistice only if the United States signed a Mutual Defense Pact and to continue to build the ROK forces after the war.

  • June 15, 1953

    Letter, John W. Staggers to Syngman Rhee

    John W. Staggeres responds to Syngman Rhee's question about his loan to "a certain Korean lady."

  • June 23, 1953

    Letter, Margery Davidson to Syngman Rhee

    Margery Davidson tells Rhee to ignore the pressure of the likes of Eisenhower and Churchill because “all intelligent patriotic Americans are with you.”

  • June 24, 1953

    Letter, Mr. and Mrs. Warren L. Chaffin and Jay. T. McCamic to Syngman Rhee

    The authors write to assure Rhee that he enjoys their highest support.

  • June 26, 1953

    Letter, E.L. Sundet to Syngman Rhee

    The author claims Rhee enjoys widespread support in Lake Preston, South Dakota.

  • July 03, 1953

    Telegram of the Soviet Chargé to the PRC to the Chairman of the USSR Council of Ministers

    After acknowledging Syngman Rhee's solitary role in blocking the passage of the armistice agreement, Peng Dehuai and Kim Il Sung draft a response to General Clark.