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Digital Archive International History Declassified


  • May 02, 1949

    Communist Propaganda

    Short document regarding new efforts to spread communist propaganda within the workers' unions.

  • June 25, 1949

    Untitled report on Yugoslav activities

    The Yugoslav Commission in Beirut plans to bring propaganda to Syria and Lebanon through Beirut.

  • July 18, 1949

    Untitled report on the Syrian Intelligence Services

    Books from the Russian Commission critique the Marshall Project and US attempts to start a World War Three.

  • July 25, 1949

    Palestinian Communist Declaration

    The Journalist informer reproduces a declaration accusing King 'Abd Allāh of serving colonialism in an upcoming trip to Tehran.

  • August 08, 1949

    Untitled report on a meeting of Communist parties

    A meeting of Communist Parties endorses future activities and plans to counter Turkish, Syrian, and other regional anti-communist plans.

  • 1950

    First Communist Cell in Lebanon

    Discusses the early years of the Communist Movement in Lebanon, the newspaper “Humanity” (al-insaniyya). Describes links between the Communist Party in Lebanon and foreign countries as well as in the Arab world, methods of Communist Propaganda

  • 1950

    Untitled report on the objectives of the Communist Party

    Account of the major and tactical goals of the Communist Party, as well as a calendar of protests and recent modifications in strategy and objectives.

  • March 05, 1950

    Communist Declaration in Aleppo

    Declaration celebrating the worker and condemning Anglo-American colonialism, published on the anniversary of the release of the Communist Manifesto.

  • 1952

    Communist Propaganda in Lebanon

    Document detailing Communist propaganda regarding mutual defense, a union with Turkey, and peace with Israel.

  • April 04, 1952

    Senate Staff Member Criticizes Radio Free Europe

    Richard Arens, counsel for the Senate’s Internal Security Subcommittee, accuses Radio Free Europe of harboring Marxists and broadcasting left-wing and socialist propaganda.

  • September 01, 1952

    Resolution of the Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party (CC VKP(b))

    The draft resolution of the Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party (bolshevik) (CC VKP(b)) printed below sharply criticized Soviet media that "inadequately mobilize Soviet people to raise their vigilance against the intrigues of imperialist aggressors" with "pacifist arguments," that ignore the "aggressive measures and plans" of imperialism, and neglect "Marxism-Leninist teaching on the character, sources and causes of war."

  • 1954

    The POW Scandal in Korea

    According to A.B Carey, one of the lessons learned from fighting the Kremlin and its “communism” ideology is evidently seen amongst the Korean and Chinese prisoners of war. Both groups of POW not only disapprove of the communism but would also actively fight against it if they had the opportunity. Carey uses ten ideas which denounce the Kremlin as the one responsible for the lies and bellicosities during the Cold War. He also proceeds to demonstrate ways the free world can defeat this communist caucus.

  • 1954

    Freedom to Non-Repatriated Prisoners of War

    This note warns that the communists will try to convince the world that these “freed” prisoners are not really freed and during this processing and resettlement period the world will be watching the Republic of Korea and the Republic of China's actions.

  • 1955

    Communist Newspapers

    A list of secret and public communist newspapers.

  • October 28, 1958

    Yuri Zhukov, 'Regarding Soviet Propaganda in the East and Our cultural Ties with Countries of the East'

    Report on capitalist countries in Asia and Africa and prospects for propaganda efforts in mobilizing the masses toward socialism.

  • October 24, 1962

    Report to the CPSU Central Committee from Department of Agitation and Propaganda

    The Department of Agitation and Propaganda asks permission to increase the amount of radio broadcasts from Moscow to Cuba as a means to preempt the 24-hour broadcasts of the US.

  • March 31, 1963

    From the Journal of A.I. Alekseyev, 'Record of a Conversation with Fidel Castro Ruz, Prime Minister of the Republic of Cuba, 22 February 1963'

    Fidel Castro praises an upcoming speech by Malinovsky and relates an incident of the Cuban Air Force firing on an American fishing boat.

  • 1969

    The Suspension of the Baghdad Pact and the Iraqi-Egyptian Rapprochement

    Report on the British Foreign Secretary's visit to the Middle East and the suspension of the Baghdad Pact.

  • February 18, 1972

    Polish Interior Ministry Note on Joint Meeting with PUWP CC on Actions against 'Centers of Subversion'

    These two Interior Ministry documents indicate Edvard Gierek’s concern with uncensored information (“rumors” and “gossip”) challenging his policies, and his focus on RFE as a key instrument of “Western subversion.”

  • December 02, 1983

    Cable from Ernő Lakatos and Gyula Horn, 'Proposal for the Political Committee'

    East German representatives proposed the formation of a permanent consultation group of socialist countries to coordinate international policy and propaganda.