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Digital Archive International History Declassified


  • June 27, 1969

    Embassy of the GDR in the PR China, 'Note about a Conversation of the Ambassador of the GDR in the PR China, Comrade Hertzfeldt, with the Head of Main Department in the Foreign Ministry of the PR China, Yu Zhan, on 2 June 1969'

    A report on the GDR's foreign relations with countries such as Cambodia, Iraq, and Sudan, as well as with West Germany.

  • September 18, 1969

    Report about a Meeting with the General Director of the Iraqi Directorate for Security, Lieutenant General al-Ani

    Iraq's General Director of Security al-Ani seeks a solution to deal with the United States, West Germany, Israel, and other imperialist and reactionary states have launched active diversionary activities against the new Iraqi regime. The solution that he reaches is to contact the socialist countries for help, beginning with East Germany. Al-Ani meets with the East Germans and they are not opposed to cooperation between the two states.

  • October 08, 1969

    Proposal for the Reception of the Minister of Interior of the Republic of Iraq by Comrade Colonel General Mielke

    Report on a meeting with Iraqi Minister of the Interior Saleh Mahdi el Ammash. Ammash requested assistance for the Iraqi intelligence agency, including training of Iraqi officers in Germany, surveillance technology, and instructional material. Colonel General Mielke provides options for a reserved response. Also included in an appendix is a biography of General Ammash and information about Iraq's current domestic policy.

  • July 31, 1979

    Statistical Overview of Iraqi Citizens in the GDR

    Number of Iraqis living in the GDR and their location by district.

  • August 22, 1979

    Order, Minister for State Security, Iraqi Citizens in the GDR

    Minster for State Security Mielke orders the protection of Iraqi citizens in the GDR following reports that the Baath Party "has supposedly decided to persecute and physically liquidate members of the Communist Party of Iraq who live in foreign countries."

  • August 24, 1979

    Report on Conflicts Between Baathists and Communist Iraqis in East Germany

    Since contacting the GDR in the late sixties and beginning to work with them, changes have occurred within Iraq. Communists, who were originally relatively free to their beliefs at the start of the new regime, are facing persecution in the face of the Baathist leadership. Also, this communist-Baathist conflict has began to spread to Iraqis in East Germany.

  • October 20, 1980

    Iraqi Delegation in the GDR Requests Purchase of Military Material

    In October of 1980, a delegation from Iraq travels to the GDR in the hopes of securing an arms deal. However, before going ahead with anything, those on the GDR side of the deal first seek appropriate approval from their superiors.

  • February 25, 1981

    Information about the Planned Visit by the First Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Iraq to the GDR

    The First Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Iraq, Yasser Rhamadan, plans to visit the GDR in early 1981 with the hopes of increasing economic cooperation between the two nations. Likewise, the GDR is interesting in building better economic relations in the Middle East, specifically with Iraq and Iran.  

  • December 05, 1984

    Visit by the General Secretary of the Democratic Party of Kurdistan/Iraq to East Germany

    In late 1984, Kurdish Democratic Party leader Massoud Barzani and a group of colleagues travel to Europe with false Syrian passports in order to win the favor of the socialist countries and whoever else in Europe who will recognize them.

  • July 12, 1985

    Note on a Meeting in the Embassy of the Republic of Iraq with Ambassador Fawzi al-Bander

    Ambassador al-Bander relays a request to send a group of intelligence officers from the Iraq Minister of Interior to visit the Ministry for State Security (Stasi).

  • September 09, 1985

    Note on a Meeting in the Embassy of the Republic of Iraq with Ambassador Fawzi al-Bander

    Ambassador al-Bander asks to send intelligence officers from Iraq to the GDR for training.

  • September 27, 1985

    Planned Visit by Iraq Delegation of the Division Chemical Services of the Ministry for National Defense

    Plan for a visit by a delegation from Iraq's Ministry for National Defense, Division of Chemical Services regarding a training site build by East Germany.

  • February 28, 1986

    Ministry for State Security, 'Statement on the Iraqi Request'

    The Ministry for State Security rejects efforts on the part of the Iraq Ministry of Interior to establish formal cooperation.

  • February 28, 1986

    Relations between the Ministry for State Security of the GDR with Intelligence Organs of the Republic of Iraq

    Summary of attempts by the Iraq Ministry of the Interior to establish formal relations with the Ministry for State Security.

  • March 10, 1986

    Information on the Planned Deployment of a Delegation from Chemical Services in the Republic of Iraq

    A delegation of the East German National People's Army in Iraq is supposed to facilitate the transfer of the training site for chemical services to the Defense Ministry of the Republic of Iraq.

  • March 26, 1986

    Note on a Meeting in the Embassy of the Republic of Iraq with Ambassador Fawzi al-Bander

    Ambassador al-Bander follows up on a request for Iraqi intelligence officers to visit the Ministry for State Security, but is informed it will not be possible in 1986.

  • December 16, 1986

    Report on Detention of a United States Military Attache in Kuwait

    Report on detention of a United States Military Attache in Kuwait while trying to gather information on arms shipments between the Soviet Union and Iraq, via Kuwait.

  • January 21, 1987

    Activities by the Iraqi Embassy to Find Out About Assumed Arms Deals between GDR and Iran

    Information from a source in the Iraqi Embassy on a meeting to discuss the deteriorating relations between Iraq and East Germany. Iraqi officials are suspicious that East Germany is exporting arms or military equipment to Iran, but so far do not have any conclusive evidence.

  • May 08, 1989

    Report on the First Baghdad International Exhibition of Military Technology

    An East German report on the 1st Baghdad International Exhibition from 28 April to 2 May 1989. The exhibition is an event organized by the committee of the Ministry for Industry and Military Production of the Republic of Iraq. 200 companies from 29 countries in an area of about 31,000 square meters participated in the event in Baghdad. Meanwhile, the GDR hopes to build up its trade relations with Iraq because these relations have severely declined since the outbreak of the Iran-Iraq War.