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  • June 26, 1971

    Nine Points from the Democratic Republic of Vietnam Regarding a Political Solution in Vietnam

    Statement put forward by the DRV in a private meeting with American representatives: The US had to pull out completely from South Vietnam and other Indochinese countries by the end of 1971. The release of POWs and civilians captured during the war would be implemented simultaneously. The Americans had to stop supporting Thieu-Ky-Khiem (the three leaders of the government of South Vietnam), bear all responsibilities and pay compensation for all damages incurred in Vietnam. The US had to respect the 1954 Geneva Accords on Indochina and the 1965 Geneva Accords on Laos and stop all intervention in Indochina.

  • May 01, 1975

    Hungarian Embassy in the DPRK, Report, 1 May 1975. Subject: Visit of a Laotian delegation in the DPRK.

    The Hungarian Embassy in the DPRK provides an overview of relations between Pyongyang and Vientiane and summarizes a recent visit of a Lao delegation to North Korea.