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Digital Archive International History Declassified


  • January 04, 1945

    From the Diary of V. A. Zorin - Record of Conversation with Ambassador of Czechoslovakia on the Recognition of the Polish Interim Government

    A diary entry of V.A. Zorin's that discusses a conversation with Czechoslovakian Ambassador to the Soviet Union, Zdenek Firlinger. The two discussed the recognition of the Polish Interim Government by Czechoslovakia.

  • February 27, 1947

    Letter from I.V. Stalin and V. M. Molotov to Prime Minister of Czechoslovakia Klement Gottwald on the Czechoslovak-Polish Mutual Assistance Treaty

    Stalin and Molotov write demanding that Gottwald respond to their message regarding the signing of a Czechoslovak-Polish Mutal Assistance Treaty.

  • February 21, 1948

    Report of the Special Action of the Polish Socialist Party in Prague, 21-25 February 1948

    In the midst of a cabinet crisis in Czechoslovakia that would lead to the February Communist coup, several delegates from the Polish Socialist Party were sent to Prague to spread socialist influence. The crisis is outlined, as well as a thorough report of the conference in Prague.

  • July 14, 1968

    Message of the SSSR Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Soviet Embassy in Poland regarding the Reaction of Some Communist Parties to the Information from the Central Committee of CPSSS of July 11 about the Situation in Czechoslovakia

    Romania warns against international intervention, while Bulgarian officials argue that Romania's argument disavows the Warsaw agreement. Urbany closes by recommending peaceful and, if need be, other means to prevent upheaval.

  • February 24, 1981

    Memorandum from John McMahon to the Secretaries of State and Defense and Director of the National Security Agency, 'Current Situation in the Polish Government and Ministry of Defense'

    Translated document outlines a conversation with Brezhnev where he expresses his concerns over counterrevolutionaries. The threat of young people joining the Solidarnosc movement and GDR & Czechoslovakian propaganda to peace in Poland.