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Digital Archive International History Declassified


  • May 16, 1957

    Journal of Soviet Ambassador to the DPRK A.M. Puzanov for 16 May 1957

    At a DPRK reception to honor Soviet military advisers, North Korean and Soviet officials emphasize friendship and solidarity between the two countries. Then Kim Il Sung reports on the five-year development of the DPRK economy under various economic sectors and foreign trade.

  • October 19, 1957

    Record of a Conversation with DPRK Ambassador Ri Yeong-ho

    Yudin receives Ri Yeong-ho on a protocol visit, who discusses his experiences as ambassador to the PRC.

  • December 10, 1957

    Note about a Meeting on 29 November 1957 between Deputy Foreign Minister Pak Seong-cheol with GDR Ambassador Comrade Fischer and Comrade Behrens

    East German and North Korean officials discuss North Korea's economic and political relations with India, Indonesia, Burma, Syria, and Japan.

  • March 15, 1958

    Journal of Soviet Ambassador to the DPRK A.M. Puzanov for 15 March 1958

    Nam Il informs Puzanov that DPRK seeks to further strengthen ties with other socialist states and establish relations with the some non-socialist states including UAE, Indonesia, Ceylon, India, Burma, and Japan.

  • August 01, 1958

    From the Journal of G. Ye. Samsonov, Record of Conversation with Counselor of the DPRK Embassy in Moscow Cde. Pak Deok-hwan

    Pak Deok-hwan reports on the situation of the DPRK trade mission in Indonesia and requests Soviet assistance for expenditures associated with North Korea's participation in international organizations and foreign trips to capitalist countries.

  • August 03, 1964

    Comrade Zhou Enlai, Comrade Peng Zhen Receive Tran Tu Binh, Vietnam’s Ambassador to China; Nesti Nase, Albania’s Ambassador to China; and Pak Se-chang, Korea’s Ambassador to China

    The meeting was among leaders from China, Vietnam, North Korea and Albania in 1964. They discussed Soviet-Romanian relations and plans to support Romania.

  • August 06, 1964

    Record of Conversation from Premier Zhou's Reception of the North Korean Ambassador Pak Se-chang

    Zhou Enlai and Pak Se-chang discuss American military actions in Vietnam, as well as Kim Il Sung's planned trip to Indonesia.

  • March 05, 1965

    Record of Conversation between Qiao Guanhua and the DPRK Ambassador to China Pak Se-chang

    A conversation between Qiao Guanhua and the DPRK Ambassador to China Pak Se-chang on Premier Kim Il Sung’s visit to Indonesia and Alexei Kosygin’s visit to Korea.

  • April 16, 1965

    Minutes of the Conversation between Premier Zhou Enlai and Premier Kim Il Sung

    Kim Il Sung informs Zhou Enlai of the Korean-Indonesian talks, North Korea's views on the situation in Vietnam, and the visit to the DPRK by Sihanouk.

  • May 27, 1965

    On the Development of Situation in DPRK in May 1965: Political Report No. 8

    Czechoslovakian ambassador to DPRK mentioned on foreign relationship with DPRK and domestic political situations.

  • July 17, 1965

    Minutes of Conversation between Deng Xiaoping and Head of the Korean Delegation Kim Gwang-hyeop

    Kim Gwang-hyeop, Deng Xiaoping, and Kang Shen discuss matters related to the Communist Parties of Eastern Europe, Japan, and Vietnam.

  • October 29, 1965

    Record of Conversation between Kim Il Sung and the Chinese Delegation

    Premier Kim Il Sung met with members of the Chinese People’s Delegation and exchanged his views on Chinese assistance in Korean War, consturction and war prepartions of North Korea, US imperalism on Japan and South Korea, international communist movement, situation in Indonesia, and North Korea's recent economic situation.

  • November 11, 1965

    Record of Second Conversation of Premier Zhou Enlai and Vice Premier Chen Yi with Foreign Minister Pak Seong-cheol

    Chen Yi, Zhou Enlai, Pak Seong-cheol, and Ri Ju-yeon have a detailed conversation about the situations in Indonesia, Algeria, Uganda, Mali, Guinea, and members of the Third World.

  • November 14, 1967

    Information Report Sent by István Garajszki to Deputy Foreign Minister Erdélyi, "Hungarian-Korean Solidarity Meeting in Budapest and Salgótarján,” 14 November 1967.

    A report summarizing an agreement to repatriate Koreans in Japan and expressing Choe Guk-hyeon's views on the Indonesian Communist Party, Sukarno, and his trip to Africa.

  • April 14, 1969

    Record of a Conversation with Kim Il Sung, General Secretary of the KWP CC and Chairman of the DPRK Cabinet of Ministers

    Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev sought the help of Kim Il Sung in influencing China, which was in a border dispute with the Soviet Union. Requesting that they "exercise political influence on Peking."

  • June 05, 1970

    Telegram, Embassy of Hungary in Poland to the Hungarian Foreign Ministry

    A telegram to the Hungarian Foreign Ministry reporting on North Korea's foreign relations with Yugoslavia, Poland, the Soviet Union, and Cambodia, among other countries.

  • June 29, 1979

    US Department of State Cable, Request for Indonesian Good Offices to Facilitate ROK and US Discussions with North Korea

    Cyrus Vance reveals that Jimmy Carter and Park Chung Hee hope to rely upon Indonesia to facilitate a tripartite dialogue between the U.S., South Korea, and North Korea.

  • June 30, 1979

    US Department of State Cable, Presidential Message

    Jimmy Carter writes to Suharto on Indonesia's offer to facilitate a tripartite dialogue between the U.S., North Korea, and South Korea.

  • June 30, 1979

    Telegram from the US Delegation/Secretary in Seoul to the American Embassy in Jakarta, 'Presidential Message'

    US Embassy in Seoul sent a message to President Carter with thanks for his help to make Indonesia available to facilitate a meeting between North Korea, South Korea, and the United States.

  • July 01, 1979

    US Department of State Cable, Formal ROK-US Communication to North Korea

    Ambassador Gleysteen reports on the prospects of relying on Indonesia to facilitate a tripartite dialogue between the U.S., South Korea, and North Korea.