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Digital Archive International History Declassified


  • December 27, 1972

    Ministry of Foreign Affairs Telespresso (Circular), 'Ministerial session of the Atlantic Council, 7th-8th December 1972'

    Italian perspective on the NATO Council of Ministers meeting in Brussels that discussed the credibility of Western European defense. The document highlights the need for a unified and cohesive negotiation strategy among the allies.

  • January 26, 1977

    Letter, President Carter to Secretary Brezhnev

  • February 04, 1977

    Letter, Secretary Brezhnev to President Carter

  • February 14, 1977

    Letter, President Carter to Secretary Brezhnev

  • February 25, 1977

    Letter, Secretary Brezhnev to President Carter

  • March 04, 1977

    Letter, President Carter to Secretary Brezhnev

  • March 15, 1977

    Letter, Secretary Brezhnev to President Carter

  • March 15, 1977

    Letter, Secretary Brezhnev to President Carter

  • March 21, 1977

    Memorandum of Conversation, Ambassador Dobrynin with Secretary of State Cyrus Vance

    Dobrynin, Soviet Ambassador to the United States, records his discussions with US Secretary of State Cyrus Vance about SALT II negotiations.

  • March 28, 1977

    Talks Between A.A.Gromyko and Cyrus Vance

    The main topic of discussion was US President Jimmy Carter's "comprehensive" proposals for the SALT-2 Treaty, views that the Soviets saw as contravening the Vladivostok accords reached with US President Gerald Ford in 1974. The Soviet rejection of Carter's initiative was certainly the newsmaking centerpiece of the Vance visit. Other, more positive, discussions covered a wide range of topics, including the Vienna talks on arms limitations in Central Europe, the Middle East, non-proliferation, Cyprus, and others. Below is a brief sampler.

  • July 28, 1979

    Transcript, Meeting of East German leader Erich Honecker and Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev, Crimea, 27 July 1979 (excerpt)

    Brezhnev reports to Honecker on international affairs.

  • November 16, 1979

    Rinaldo Petrignani, NATO Deputy Secretary General), Speech to the Atlantic Council's Seminar of Study, Cini Foundation; Venezia, 15th-17th November 1970, 'NATO, Western Europe's security and the issue of SS-20 missiles'

    Vice Secretary General of NATO Rinaldo Petrignani sends PM Giulio Andreotti a report from the meeting of the Italian Atlatic Committee regarding Western European security situation and the threat posed by political and military modernization in the Soviet Union, and in particular, the introduction of SS20 missiles.

  • December 06, 1979

    Cable No. 2629, Ambassador Yoshida to the Foreign Minister, 'Prime Minister's Visit to China (Ohira – Deng Meeting) (A)'

    China and Japan discuss the Soviet Union and the border dispute in Mongolia, and the United States working on SALT II.

  • January 31, 1983

    Information on the Results of the Second Round of Soviet-American Negotations on the Limitation and Reduction of Strategic Armaments

    Report on negotiations between the Soviet Union and the United States for the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) to reduce the number of intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) launchers, submarine-launched ballistic missiles (SLBMs), and heavy bombers used by each side.

  • May 26, 1986

    Letter from President Reagan to Prime Minister Bettino Craxi

    Unofficial translation of correspondence between PM Craxi and President Reagan regarding strategic arms limitations and deterrence. Reagan outlines the planned US measures given lack of effort and willingness by the USSR to arrive to a binding agreement.

  • May 28, 1986

    Memorandum by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 'Reagan's letter to the Prime Minister about issues related to SALT II (dated 26th May 1986)'

    Analysis by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding Reagan's (May 26, 1986) letter to PM Craxi. It discusses intended American responses to Soviet violation of SALT II treaty, and calls for consultations with NATO member states.

  • May 31, 1986

    Telegram by the Italian Embassy in Ottawa to Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ''Ministerial Atlantic Council in Halifax - East West relationship / Problems related to SALT II'

    Telegram from Italian Ambassador to Canada to the Foreign Ministry recounting the motives behind president Reagan's decision to abandon the SALT II treaty, as provided by Secretary of State George P. Schultz at at the Atlantic Council of Ministers.