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Digital Archive International History Declassified


  • June 22, 1954

    Minutes, Zhou Enlaiā€™s Meeting with Jean Chauvel

    Chauvel confirms a meeting for Zhou with the French Prime Minister, and suggests that both countries announce the meeting at the same time to thwart distorted media coverage of the two countries. The two agree that the conference must continue. Also, Chauvel hands Zhou a proposal for a special committee to decide the composition of the supervisory committee.

  • August 28, 1962

    Conversation of Cde. N. S. Khrushchev and acting United Nations Secretary General U Thant, 28 August 1962

    Khrushchev and Thant discuss the possibility of a visit by Khrushchev to the UN General Assembly. Khrushchev says a visit is not likely until the Americans, French, British and Germans are ready to negotiate a solution to the Berlin question. Khrushchev outlines the Soviet position and says that the Soviet Union will sign a unilateral peace treaty with the GDR if their conditions are not met. He says that the SU would agree to UN intervention and to a multilateral peace treaty, which would avert international conflict and war. Khrushchev suggests that the UN headquarters be transferred to West Germany due to high costs and discrimination in New York. He identifies additional issues for discussion: the admittance of the People's Republic of China into the UN, the Taiwan-China issue, and disarmament. Thant and Khrushchev discuss the obstacles to resolution of the German question, including public opinion in America. They also discuss American dominance in the UN Secretariat, free trade, and the Common Market, among other topics.

  • October 06, 1987

    Documents Pertaining to CPSU CC Decision #5335 of 14 July 1987 and CPSU CC Secretariat Meeting of 6 October 1987

    This collection of documents deals with the 6 October 1987 meeting of the Secretary of the CC and with CPSU CC Declaration of 14 July 1987 (56/5). They address the opening of the press and the publication of some criminal statistics.

  • November 18, 1989

    CPSU CC Protocol #172/9, 18 November 1989

    This protocol (dated 19 October 1989) deals with additional measures in the information sphere (telecommunications, etc.)

  • November 20, 1989

    Cable from US Embassy in Prague on Czech Demonstrations

    Cable from the US embassy in Prague reporting on contradictions in the Czechoslovak press coverage of the demonstrations' aftermath.