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  • June 21, 1955

    Record of Conversation with Chairman of the Jagang Provincial People's Committee Illarion Dmitriyevich Pak

    Illarion Dmitriyevich Pak informs Petrov of the expanded KWP CC Presidium meeting, specifically dealing with steps to improve the management of agriculture and issues of Party and state leadership.

  • December 02, 1955

    Decision of the KWP CC December Plenum, 2-3 December 1955, 'Concerning the Anti-Party, Factional Activity of Pak Il-u'

    The resolution lists the accusations raised against Pak Il-u and his collaborators Jang Si-u, Pak Heon-yeong, and Ri Seung-yeop, and moves to remove Pak from the Korean Workers' Party Central Committee.

  • December 04, 1955

    Journal of Soviet Ambassador to the DPRK V. I. Ivanov for 4 December 1955

    DPRK Vice Premier Pak Ui-wan and Minister of Construction Kim Seung-hwa report to Ivanov about the KWP CC plenum decision to expel Pak Il-u and Kim Yeol from the party and the Central Committee. The conversation touches on the issue of a group of Soviet Korean members who have been accused of supporting anti-Party reactionary writers.

  • December 07, 1955

    Journal of Soviet Ambassador to the DPRK V. I. Ivanov for 7 December 1955

    Ivanov speaks with Kim Il Sung about the proceedings of the most recent KWP CC plenum. The plenum touched upon plans to improve North Korea’s agriculture sector. Ivanov describes in length Kim’s accusation of Chinese and Soviet Korean party members of undermining the party leadership. Ivanov advises against categorizing party members as Soviet, Chinese, or local.

  • March 17, 1956

    Telegram from USSR Charge d'Affaires ad interim to the DPRK A.M. Petrov addressed to USSR Minister of Foreign Affairs V.M. Molotov

    Petrov reports on the ongoing case of former Minister of Internal Affairs and KKorean Workers' Party member Pak Il-u, three months after he was arrested.

  • September 19, 1956

    Draft of Record of a Meeting between the Soviet and Chinese Delegations

    Mao Zedong reveals that several Korean Workers' Party members have been placed under arrest, including Pak Il-u, who is looked favorably upon by the CCP. Sino-North Korean relations have become strained as a result of Kim Il Sung's handling of the August incident. Mao admits to Mikoyan that the KWP leadership may not heed their advice, but they decide to send a joint delegation to Pyongyang the next morning.

  • September 27, 1956

    Telegram addressed to Mikoyan, 'With regards to Pak Il-u'

    This telegram lists identification numbers of five telegrams sent to Usov, Alekseevich, and Aleksandrov between November 11, 1955 and May 22, 1956 on the topic of Pak Il-u.