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Digital Archive International History Declassified


  • October 10, 1945

    TASS Digest Distributed to I.V. Stalin and V.M. Molotov, 'Italian Newspapers Spread Absurd Rumors'

    Rumors that Stalin is ill being spread by Italian newspapers.

  • March 30, 1948

    Message, Willems to Chamberlin, Ennis

    A memorandum from the US Army's Intelligence Division, detailing the Army’s contingency plan in the event of a communist takeover in Italy's 1948 parliamentary elections.

  • August, 1961

    Italian Prime Minister Fanfani's Visit to Moscow, August 1961

    A series of talks between Fanfani and Khrushchev in Moscow in early August 1961. The focus of the talks is on the ongoing Berlin Crisis and "the German question." Other topics include relations between Italy and the Soviet Union, East/West tensions, and nuclear disarmament.

  • October 22, 1962

    Amintore Fanfani Diaries (excepts)

    The few excerpts about Cuba are a good example of the importance of the diaries: not only do they make clear Fanfani’s sense of danger and his willingness to search for a peaceful solution of the crisis, but the bits about his exchanges with Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs Carlo Russo, with the Italian Ambassador in London Pietro Quaroni, or with the USSR Presidium member Frol Kozlov, help frame the Italian position during the crisis in a broader context.

  • October 11, 1963

    MAE Cable Report on MLF

    Note by Ambassador to Moscow C.A. Straneo on meeting with Deputy Foreign Minister V. Zorin on Italy's position on MFL.

  • November 11, 1964

    Cable from MAE to MD on USSR comments on MLF

    Note by ambassador to Moscow Straneo on comments by Soviet press regarding meetings between high-level US officials and new british Foreign Minister Patrick Gordon Walker on MLF.

  • April 09, 1968

    Excerpts from Andrei A. Gromyko’s speech at the April 1968 Plenum of the Central Committee of the Soviet Communist Party

    Gromyko discusses negotiations over the Non-Proliferation Treaty.

  • October 28, 1968

    MAE Cable on IAEA Conference: Political Considerations

    Report and political analysis by amb. Ducci on the IAEA Conference. The paper discusses the draft resolution presented by Italy, US reaction , USSR attitude, as well as the position of other delegations.

  • August 14, 1976

    MAE Report on Italian Ratification of the NPT

    Analysis by MAE litigation service on the scope and legal relevance of the reaction by depositary states and Australia to the Italian declaration of May 4 1975on the issue of nuclear weapons and other nuclear explosive devices.

  • September 01, 1979

    Report by the Special Group on Control of Theater Nuclear Forces

    Report by NATO Special Group to the Ministers on how to approach negotiations with the URSS on INF.

  • June 06, 1985

    Report on Italian-Soviet Talks in Lisbon

    A short (untitled) document that summarizes the topics addressed in the Italo-Soviet talks in Lisbon and re-caps the key positions adopted by the two parties.

  • December 01, 1989

    National Intelligence Daily for Friday, 1 December 2019

    The CIA’s National Intelligence Daily for 1 December 1989 describes the latest developments in Eastern Europe, USSR, Taiwan, Italy, Iran and Bulgaria.

  • December 04, 1989

    Rezső Nyers’s handwritten Notes on Gorbachev’s Briefing on the Malta Summit at the Meeting of the Warsaw Pact Leaders in Moscow on 4 December

    Unofficial hand-written notes by Rezső Nyers, President of the Hungarian Socialist Party, taken took during a briefing by M. Gorbachev at a Soviet Bloc summit in Moscow on 4 December, just a day after the meeting with President Bush at Malta.

  • December 06, 1989

    Rezső Nyers’s Typed Notes to Miklós Németh on Gorbachev’s Briefing on the Malta Summit on 4 December

    An official report by Nyers about the Malta Summit prepared for Prime Minister Miklós Németh.

  • July 31, 1990

    National Intelligence Daily for Tuesday, 31 July 1990

    The CIA’s National Intelligence Daily for 31 July 1990 describes the latest developments in Japan, the Soviet Union, European Community, Liberia, Islamic States, Egypt, Fiji and Vietnam.