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Digital Archive International History Declassified


  • April 07, 1946

    Bierut's Telephone Conversation with Stalin

    Bierut and Stalin discuss the ecnonomic needs of post-war Poland in regards to grain and coal. Internal Polish politics are also discussed.

  • August 28, 1946

    Bierut's Notes of a Conversation with Stalin on the Situation in the Polish Socialist Party (PPS) and Preparations for Parliamentary Elections in Poland

    Bierut and Stalin discuss ongoing internal political struggles among Polish communists and other leftist organizations in Poland.

  • November 24, 1946

    Osóbka Morawski's Notes of a Conversation with Stalin in Sochi Held by PPR and PPS Delegations

    Morawski notes a conversation he had with Soviet officials, including Stalin, regarding his party's (PPS) political stance in regards to future elections in Poland.

  • June 09, 1989

    Records of the Talks between GDR Comrade Erich Honecker, and Member of the Politburo and Minister for Foreign Affairs the USSR, Eduard A. Shevardnadze

    GDR Chairman Honecker and Shevardnadze discuss the state of the German Democratic Republic and the CPSU's outlook on and relationship with East Germany, as well as both of their perspectives on the sociopolitical landscape in Poland, its recent election and the battle to maintain socialism in Poland.

  • June 12, 1989

    Information on a Meeting of the Chairmen of the Regional Citizens’ Committees held in the Citizens’ Committee in Warsaw, at 6 Fredra St.,12 June 1989

    Chairmen of the fourty-six regional committees discuss the upcoming round of elections in Poland.

  • July 15, 1989

    Minutes from a Meeting of the Presidium of the Citizens’ Parliamentary Club, 15 July 1989

    The Citizens’ Parliamentary Club formed by Solidarity deputies in June 1989 meets to discuss preparations for the future of Poland’s political system and election of a president.

  • August 01, 1989

    Minutes of the Meeting of the Presidium of the Citizens’ Parliamentary Club, 1 August 1989, 8 p.m.

    Following Polish elections and the defeat of Communism, the Citizens’ Parliamentary Club Presidium discusses the candidates for Polish Prime Minister, and debate the feasibility of a coalition government.

  • August 16, 1989

    Minutes of a Meeting of the Presidium of the Citizens’ Parliamentary Club,16 August 1989, 11:30 p.m.

    The Presidium of the Citizens’ Parliamentary Club deliberates the formation of a new Polish government and a coalition to assist with selecting a prime minister. They discuss disassembling the PUWP.