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  • August 18, 1951

    Letter from F.C. How to Roger Makins

    F.C. How of the Ministry of Supply replies to Roger Makins of the Foreign Office regarding negotiations for British nuclear cooperation with India.

  • January 21, 1958

    Abstract of Conversation: Vice-Minister Zhang Receives Indian Ambassador Nehru

    Responding to concerns about Great Britain expressed earlier by Premier Zhou in an earlier conversation, Ambassador Nehru reports that UK Prime Minister Macmillan believes that any major powers conference on disarmament should be organized by the US and USSR. Ambassador Nehru emphasized the necessity of Chinese involvement to PM Macmillan.

  • November 15, 1962

    Premier Chou En-Lai's [Zhou Enlai's] Letter to the Leaders of Asian and African Countries on the Sino-Indian Boundary Question (November 15, 1962)

  • February 20, 1969

    Rajya Sabha Q&A on Collaboration with Britain on Development of Nuclear Energy

    Transcript of questions and answers between members of the Rajya Sabha and the Minister of External Affairs, Shri Sitaram Jaipuria, on communication with the UK government in regard to the development of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.