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  • December 15, 1955

    Record of a Conversation between Soviet Embassy Counselor Petrov and former Editor of the Journal 'Novaya Koreya' Song Jin-hwa

    Song Jin-hwa informs Petrov that he has officially been expelled from the KWP and has lost his position as editor of the journal “Novaya Koreya” [New Korea]. Song lists several reasons for his expulsion, and asks if as a Soviet citizen, he could be allowed to return to the USSR.

  • July, 1964

    Transcript of Conversations Between Delegations of the Romanian Workers Party Central Committee and the Communist Party of the Soviet Union Central Committee in Moscow (Excerpts)

    Transcript of meetings in Moscow between Romanian and Soviet officials. They discuss disagreements and divergences that have developed between the two parties.

  • July 06, 1964

    Note on Issues in Romanian-Soviet Relations Prepared by the Romanian Side for the Conversations in Moscow

    List of the ultimately irreconcilable differences that had arisen in Soviet-Romanian relations under Gheorghe Gheorghiu Dej by July 1964, in preparation for the upcoming discussions in Moscow. Topping the list of major problems were the “anti-Soviet atmosphere in Romania,” the “problem of Soviet citizens,” and the “maintenance of espionage networks” on Romanian territory.