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Digital Archive International History Declassified


  • March 03, 1962

    Issues related to Recognizing the Burmese Military Government (Bilingual Chinese-English Text)

    The Chinese Embassy in Burma cables to the Foreign Ministry to report on developments in Burma following the Ne Win coup.

  • March, 1963

    Summary of Burma’s Situation, General Outline, Basic Narrative of Issues between China and Burma, Record of Major Events in China-Burma Relations

    A Chinese report on political, social, and diplomatic changes in Burma since Ne Win's coming to power.

  • June 22, 1965

    Cable from the Chinese Embassy in Burma, 'On Burmese Politics and Recommendations for Ne Win’s Visit to China'

    Report that the internal situation in Burma is deteriorating, causing dissatisfactions towards the Ne Win government. China would show the highest courtesies to Ne Win's during his visit to China.

  • June 17, 1974

    Chinese Plans for Receiving the Burmese Weightlifting Team

    Sport and politics become intertwined as China seeks to improve relations with Burma by receiving a Burmese weight lifting team.