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Digital Archive International History Declassified


  • March 27, 1957

    Asian Peoples' Anti-Communist League Third Annual Conference: Speeches and Reports

    Remarks from delegates across Asia, including Ngo Dinh Diem, attending the Third Annual Conference of the Asian Peoples' Anti-Communist League in Saigon, Vietnam.

  • July 14, 1968

    Message of the SSSR Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Soviet Embassy in Poland regarding the Reaction of Some Communist Parties to the Information from the Central Committee of CPSSS of July 11 about the Situation in Czechoslovakia

    Romania warns against international intervention, while Bulgarian officials argue that Romania's argument disavows the Warsaw agreement. Urbany closes by recommending peaceful and, if need be, other means to prevent upheaval.

  • July 25, 1989

    Special Analysis: Czechoslovakia: Teetering between Old and New

    An analysis of the future of Communist rule in Czechoslovakia.

  • August 19, 1989

    Czechoslovakia: Regime Increasingly Fearful

    An analysis of the Czechoslovak regime's fear of an uprising and decision to crush demonstrations.