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Digital Archive International History Declassified


  • February 02, 1947

    Record of Conversation between I. V. Stalin and Romanian Leaders G. Gheorghiu-Dej and A. Pauker

    Stalin and Romanian General Secretary Gheorghe Gheorghiu-Dej and Foreign Minister Ana Pauker about the situation in the Communist Party of Romania and the situation in the country in connection with the signing of peace treaties

  • February 10, 1947

    Record of Conversation between I.V. Stalin's and Romanian Leader G. Gheorghiu-Dej

    Stalin and Gheorghiu-Dej discuss the economic policy of the Romanian Government

  • July 16, 1949

    From S. I. Kavtaradze's Diary: Record of Conversation with Gheorghiu-Dej about his Meeting with I. V. Stalin

    Gheorghiu-Dej describes his conversation with Stalin, in which they discussed Romanian economic development and the training of Romanian workers in the Soviet Union.

  • 1968

    Romanian Report, Iranian-Romanian Commercial Relations and Prospects for their Development

    A report on the Romania-Iran economic relationship, including figures regarding; evolution of exchanges, cooperation activities, loan agreements between Iran and other socialist countries, and Iran's foreign trade. Also includes discussion of Iran's foreign policy, which is described as independent with the purpose of defending Iran's national interests.

  • September 06, 1975

    Note regarding the Meeting between Ilie VerdeČ› and Ji Denggui

    Ji Denggui and Ilie VerdeČ› discuss bilateral relations between China and Romania, nuclear proliferation and diarmament, Soviet-American relations, Comecon, European security, US policy toward Taiwan, Japan-Soviet relations, and economic development in China and Romania, among other topics.