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Digital Archive International History Declassified


  • May 09, 1956

    Report No. 82 from Young Kee Kim to Syngman Rhee

    Young Kee Kim briefs President Rhee on the decision to accept Japanese war reparations by the Philippines. He also suggests that Korean Navy should include Bangkok in its goodwill tour.

  • November 05, 1957

    Letter, Ho Joon Park to Chung Whan Cho

    Secretary Park reports on relations between the Philippines and Japan and the Philippines Acting Foreign Secretary Serrano's proposal to link SEATO, NATO, and the Baghdad Pact.

  • December 11, 1957

    Letter, Korean Mission in Japan to Syngman Rhee

    Report about a meeting with Kitazawa Naokichi regarding Japan's political state and Indonesian reparation issue.

  • December 18, 1957

    Letter No. 69 from Tai Ha Yiu [Yu Tae-ha] of the Korean Mission in Japan to President Syngman Rhee

    Yu summarizes a meeting with Prime Minister Kishi and Yatsugi regarding Japan's reparations for Vietnam and Indonesia.

  • July 25, 1975

    Prime Minister Miki – President Ford Meeting Discussion Outline

    An extensive overview of international issues bearing on the US-Japan relationship, including the situations in the Korean Peninsula, Vietnam, and Indonesia.