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  • December 09, 1941

    Cable from Dimitrov to Stalin, Molotov, Beria, and Malenkov

    Cable to top Soviet officials advising against reviving the Communist Party of Iran, and instead advising its members to work through the People's Party. Kuybyshev believes the Communist Party would be too small to be significant, and would give British and Nazi agents in Iran an opportunity to turn Iranian elites against the Soviet Union.

  • 1950

    Excerpt from a Dissertation by M.I. Ivanova in the CC CPSU Academy of Social Sciences

    An excerpt from M.I. Ivanova's dissertation which quotes a decision by the Central Committee of the Iranian Communist Party (ICP).

  • 1952

    Message to the CC CPSU from Members of the People's Party of Iran

    The People's Party of Iran requests the return of as many party members to Iran as possible.

  • 1952

    Message to the CC CPSU from General Secretary of the CC of the People’s Party of Iran Radmanesh

    Radmanesh reports about problems arising due to the split between the Iranian People's Party and the Democratic Party of Iranian Azerbaijan.

  • December, 1952

    Message to Secretary of the CC of the Azerbaijan CP M.D. Bagirov from Chairman of the CC CPSU Commission for Liaison with Foreign Communist Parties V. Grigor’yan

    Grigor’yan returns two letters written by members of the Communist Party of Iran.

  • January, 1953

    Message to the Secretary of the CC CPSU G.M. Malenkov from Secretary of the CC of the CP of Azerbaijan M.D. Bagirov about M.I. Ivanova's Dissertation

    Secretary Malenkov reports that M.I. Ivanova's dissertation about the activities of the Iranian Communist Party contained decisions which are "misleading and distort the character and meaning of a number of the most important political events and issues"

  • January 12, 1953

    Message to M.D. Bagirov from Kambakhsh about M.I. Ivanova's Dissertation

    Letter to M.D. Bagirov from Kambakhsh about the contents of M.I. Ivanova's classified dissertation about the Iranian Communist Party.