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Digital Archive International History Declassified


  • March 30, 1948

    Message, Willems to Chamberlin, Ennis

    A memorandum from the US Army's Intelligence Division, detailing the Army’s contingency plan in the event of a communist takeover in Italy's 1948 parliamentary elections.

  • December 29, 1975

    Committee for State Security Report on Anti-Soviet Propaganda and Anti-Socialist Elements

    The Committee for State Security reported on statements from the French and Italian Communist party leaders being used in anti-Soviet propaganda and broadcasted on western radio stations. The use of these statements caused a debate over socialist ideology, human rights, and freedoms. The report looks at prior anti-socialist activity and results of actions in places such as Hungary and Poland. The role of the KGB and decrease in crime rate is also discussed.

  • August 05, 1979

    Annex A/1: Intervention at the Opening of the Talks (Wednesday, 25 July)

    In this note, the Italian delegation gives some introductory remarks stressing the importance of the ongoing negotiations for peace between China and Vietnam - following the conflict of February 1979 - and China and the Soviet Union - for a new start of state-to-state relations.

  • August 05, 1979

    Annex B/3: On Relations between the CCP and the PCI (Notes from Several Meetings with Feng Xuan, Ji Pengfei, and Li Yimang)

    It contains the notes of the July 1979 meetings with Feng Xuan. Feng advocates for good relationship between the two sides based on mutual respect and equality and independence. He talks about the Soviet military threat on China. He stressed that the PCI position that advocates for criticism to other parties on 'important issues' is considered hostile to the CCP if that touches on Sino-Soviet relations. Feng expresses his wish to host in 1980 an official delegation of the CC of the PCI.

  • August 05, 1979

    Antonio Rubbi and Angelo Cliva, 'Note on the Visit to China and on the Confidential Meetings between the Delegations of the PCI and the CCP (24-31 July 1979)'

    In this note dated August 5, 1979, Antonio Rubbi and Angelo Oliva provide a report on the visit to China and on the closed-door meetings between the PCI and CCP delegations from July 24 to 31, 1979. Attached to the note are a number of annexes with the statements made at the meetings.

  • May 05, 1980

    Annex 9: Conversation at the Peking Airport, 25 April 1980

    Berlinguer explains that they cannot invite the French Socialist on behalf of the CCP as the French Communist might get offended. Hu Yaobang said that the CCP was not ready to normalize relations with the French Communists as they were not independent enough yet.

  • May 05, 1980

    Reports on the Meetings of the PCI Delegation with the CCP Delegation and with Hua Guofeng and Deng Xiaoping (Peking, 15-22 April 1980): Chronicle of Stay and Meetings between Delegations

    This document includes a program of the meetings between PCI and CCP held in Beijing from April 15 to 22 1980 and a series of annexes with a collection of minutes from the meetings of the PCI delegation with the CCP delegation and with Hua Guofeng and Deng Xiaoping.

  • May 05, 1980

    Annex 8: L'Unita, 'New Stage in Relations between the CCP and the PCI' (26 November 1980)