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Digital Archive International History Declassified


  • 1955

    Memorandum, 'Urging US to have ACTIVE policies towards Korea'

    The author of this memorandum proposes that the US should: 1) Dissolve the ad hoc committee on Korea, 2) reinforce ROK troops to be equal with DPRK troops, 3) increase economic aid for recovery of Korea, 4) move UN forces headquarter to Korea where UN troops are stationed, and 5) impose sanctions on a pro-communist policy in Japan.

  • October 19, 1955

    Letter, Yong Shik Kim [Kim Yong-shik] to Office of the President

    Report on plans of visit to ROK by delegations of Scandinavian Medical Center and Hargrove

  • December 22, 1955

    Letter, Minister Yong Shik Kim [Kim Yong-shik] to the President

    Directions and recommended actions regarding Japanese policies and on Yiu [Yu Tae-ha].

  • January 25, 1956

    Letter, Syngman Rhee to Young Kee Kim

    President Rhee discusses the talk between Vice President and Minister Kim, regarding raising the status of the Legation in the Philippines.

  • January 18, 1980

    Telegram from the Romanian Embassy in Pyongyang to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, January 18, 1980, 057025, Secret

    A summary of South Korean President Choi Kyu-ha's annual conference, regarding the unstable domestic situation after President Park Chung Hee's assassination, diplomatic relations with countries including US, Japan and ASEAN members, as well as North Korea's proposal to discuss the reunification question.