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Digital Archive International History Declassified


  • January 03, 1972

    Note About the Main Points of a Statement by the Acting Ambassador of the USSR Embassy in the GDR, Comrade Gorinovich, to the GDR Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs, Comrade Oskar Fischer

    Report discussing conflicts on the Indian subcontinent, and the Soviet Union policy toward these conflicts. Report is critical of Pakistan's aggression, especially in East Pakistan. Discusses Soviet Union warnings against Pakistan aggression, and subsequent steps taken in the international community to curb this aggression (and responses by US, China, and other states). Concludes by touching on the newly formed state of Bangladesh.

  • October 11, 1973

    Meeting of Prime Minister Trudeau and Premier Zhou Enlai at the State Guest House (Diaoyutai)

    Zhou Enlai offers Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau an extensive history of the Chinese Civil War and Chinese Revolution. Zhou also comments on China's foreign policy positions toward and views on the Soviet Union, nuclear war, Bangladesh, revisionism, and great power hegemony, among other topics.