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Digital Archive International History Declassified


  • 1948

    Names of Communists

    Short document. List of Lebanese communists.

  • 1948

    Report about a meeting with a Communist

    Report about an agent's meeting with a member of the Lebanese Communist Party regarding the schism between the nationalist and pro-Russian branches of the Communist Party, expulsion of certain nationalist communists from the party and Russian interference.

  • July 01, 1948

    Sidqi's Ejection from the Party

    Notes on the ejection of Siddiqi from the Lebanese Communist Party- written by someone who attended the meeting during which Siddiqi was expelled.

  • July 01, 1948

    Regarding Sidqi's Dismissal

    Notes on the ejection on Siddiqi from the Communist Party and notes about another meeting of the Lebanese Communist Party on Feb 28th.

  • May 04, 1949

    Communist Cultural Seminar

    The Journalist Informer writes to Chehab that the communists were organizing a series of lectures to promote cultural cooperation between the Lebanese and Soviet communist parties, to be held at the home of Ra'īf al-Khūrī.

  • May 07, 1949

    Untitled report on the Syrian and Lebanese Communist Parties

    Plans for a joint meeting of the Syrian and Lebanese Communist Parties at the end of May.

  • May 11, 1949

    Untitled report on a Communist conference in Beirut

    Confirmation of a conference to be held jointly by the Syrian and Lebanese Communist Parties.

  • May 16, 1949

    A Syrian, Lebanese, Palestinian Communist Conference

    A report on the Communist conference in Haifa regarding the topics on the agenda.

  • May 16, 1949

    Workers' Activities in Lebanon

    Short report regarding posters put up by the Union of Workers' Unions.

  • May 26, 1949

    Activities of the Lebanese Communist Party

    The Journalist Informer catalogues the ways in which the Lebanese Communist Party has developed, including increased cooperation with other communist parties in the region, stronger labor unions and better public relations.

  • May 28, 1949

    Communist Moves against Ḥusnī al-Za'īm (Husni al Za'eem)

    The Journalist Informer reports that Lebanese Communists in Haifa have begun to coordinate with Khālid Bakdāsh and his allies in Haifa in order to discuss taking shared actions against Ḥusnī al-Za'īm and his government.

  • June 10, 1949

    Communist Meeting

    Report on a Lebanese Communist Party meeting in Tripoli addressing the issue of organizing a channel of communication with Syria.

  • June 16, 1949

    Khaled Bikdash in Haifa

    The Journalist Informer confirms Khālid Bikdāsh's arrival in Haifa, as well as his trip to Lebanon where he met with the leader of the Lebanese Communist Party.

  • July 22, 1949

    The Russians and Selling Gold

    The Journalist informer reports that the Russian legation is selling gold in order to fund communist propaganda and the party's political activities.

  • August 03, 1949

    Communist Party Activities

    The Journalist informer reports on secret activities of the Communist party in Lebanon, reporting in the communist newspapers, work on a secret [covenant/pact] by the Communist party.

  • August 08, 1949

    The Communists and the 'Telegraph' Newspaper

    Report on a communist declaration published in the newspaper 'the Telegraph.'

  • August 10, 1949

    Movements of the Lebanese Opposition

    Report on the activities of various Lebanese opposition groups, including the Phalangists, the Communist party, the National Bloc and Palestinian refugees.

  • November 19, 1949

    Activities of the Lebanese Communist Party

    List of publications, meetings, strikes, and other activities by the Communist Party of Lebanon in 1946.

  • November 19, 1949

    Untitled report on the activities of the Lebanese Communist Party

    History of the Lebanese Communist Party and a description of major events which took place during 1945.

  • 1950

    Onset and Development of Communism

    Discusses how Communism began in Lebanon, the importance of the educators’ visit to Moscow in the 1920s, the early conception of the role of Islam in the Lebanese Communist Party, the Communist Party in Palestine and the Israeli occupation, activities of the Communist Party in France, and internal affairs/organization of the Lebanese Communist Party.