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Digital Archive International History Declassified


  • 1947

    The Muslim Brotherhood

    Account of the Muslim Brotherhood's division in Syria and tension with communists and the Syrian government.

  • September 26, 1948

    Security Agreement between Lebanon and Syria

    [Probable draft] of a joint security agreement between the Lebanese Sûreté Générale and the Syrian Sûreté Générale with sections on Jewish people, foreigners, artists, refugees, Palestinians, Communists, political and diplomatic personalities and Lebanese and Syrian nationals.

  • April 28, 1949

    Syrian Activities in Lebanon

    Short document discussing Mamdūḥ al-Maydānī's resumption of surveillance of Syrian movements hostile to Ḥusnī al-Za’īm and studying the communists.

  • April 30, 1949

    The Parti Populaire and Communism

    Document describing a letter sent from Anṭūn Sa’ādah to Ḥusnī al-Za’īm with information on Communist activities.

  • May 03, 1949

    Ra'īf al-Khūrī's (Ra'eef al-Khoury) Activities

    Document describing Ra'īf al-Khūrī's activities particularly regarding the International Peace Conference.

  • June 17, 1949

    Untitled note concerning a secret memo distributed by the Central Committee of the Lebanese Communist Party

    On the eve of the 50th anniversary of Syrian and Lebanese Communist independence, a secret memo is distributed by the Lebanese Community Party defining the role of the Regional Secretary.

  • June 24, 1949

    Untitled report on Soviet interest in events in Syria

    Syria plays out as a battleground of foreign propaganda, and Chehab looks into recent developments.

  • June 25, 1949

    Untitled report on Yugoslav activities

    The Yugoslav Commission in Beirut plans to bring propaganda to Syria and Lebanon through Beirut.

  • July 25, 1949

    Untitled report on Soviet interests in Syria

    A meeting with the director of the Soviet News Agency reveals several items of Russian interest, including the American position in Syria, shipments of military ammunitions to Damascus, and a Syrian and Lebanese plan to fight communism.

  • August 08, 1949

    Untitled report on a meeting of Communist parties

    A meeting of Communist Parties endorses future activities and plans to counter Turkish, Syrian, and other regional anti-communist plans.

  • August 09, 1949

    Untitled report on the Vatican and the Communist Parties of Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq

    Communists in Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq condemn the Vatican.

  • August 15, 1949

    Untitled report on Communist activities in Syria and Lebanon

    Communists plot against Syria and Lebanon, including a publication exposing Syria's tyranny.

  • 1950

    Untitled report on an Arab Communist summit in Lebanon

    Lists of communist parties at a summit in Lebanon and of their topics of discussion.

  • 1950

    The Communist Party and the Kurds

    Information on the relationship between Syrian communist party and the Kurdish communist party, which according to CP communications is seen as a branch of the Syrian communist party.

  • 1950

    Untitled report on the objectives of the Communist Party

    Account of the major and tactical goals of the Communist Party, as well as a calendar of protests and recent modifications in strategy and objectives.

  • March 05, 1950

    Communist Declaration in Aleppo

    Declaration celebrating the worker and condemning Anglo-American colonialism, published on the anniversary of the release of the Communist Manifesto.

  • September, 1950

    Communist Activity

    Communist parties liquidate several leaders in Syria and Lebanon, students from Lebanon contact the Security Council to call for intervention, and Lebanese and Syrian leaders follow suit.

  • November 05, 1950

    Untitled report on Communist activities in Aleppo

    The police arrest communists in Aleppo, a demonstration of 400 women breaks out, and the government is contacted regarding the release of prisoners. Chehab also gets word that the ministry of Nazim Al-Quds will be resigning.

  • 1951

    The Kurds and the Russians

    Document describes the development of the Kurdish nationalist movement in northern Syria and its links to the Soviet Union and Communist Party.

  • January 01, 1951

    Pacifists in Lebanon

    Report on an invitation for Pacifists from Damascus to come to Beirut, an upcoming Pacifists' meeting in Damascus.