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  • 1949

    The Kurds and the Russians

    Document describes a meeting between a Russian official and an unnamed Kurdish man who is a Kurdish nationalist. They exchange information on 'army secrets.'

  • 1950

    The Communist Party and the Kurds

    Information on the relationship between Syrian communist party and the Kurdish communist party, which according to CP communications is seen as a branch of the Syrian communist party.

  • 1950

    Communist Activities in Aleppo and al Jazeera

    Report on joint Communist and Kurdish activities and Kurdish leadership in al-Jazeera.

  • 1950

    Kurdish Communist Activities

    A list of the Kurdish organizations involved in Communism, names of Kurdish communists and numbers of Kurds in the Communist Party in the Jazeera region.

  • 1951

    Kurdish Parties and Societies

    Document describes several Kurdish political parties including the Kurdish communists. Describes their political goals, their leadership, and their influence.

  • 1951

    Kurdish Groupings

    Describes the political alliances of various Kurdish groups, with information on the left-wing alliance between the Kurdish communist party and other major Kurdish parties.

  • 1951

    The Kurds and the Russians

    Document describes the development of the Kurdish nationalist movement in northern Syria and its links to the Soviet Union and Communist Party.

  • 1953

    Kurdish Activities in al Jazeera

    Description of Kurdish armament against Turkey in pursuit of a Kurdish Republic and communication with the Soviet Union.