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Digital Archive International History Declassified


  • April 22, 1949

    French Activities in Lebanon

    Report on the movements of a French agent while in Beirut from Damascus, a meeting at the French legation where he discussed the current situation in Syria and tension in the Mediterranean.

  • May 05, 1949

    French Activities

    Notes on a meeting at the French Legation in Beirut regarding Commandant [De Ceez]'s recent trip to Baghdad to encourage an agreement between Iraq and Jordan.

  • June 02, 1949

    Syrian Activities in Lebanon

    Information on Syrian surveillance of engineer Carlos Daranda and his wife Gizelle Kfoury who serves as a liason between a Lebanese political organization and the French Legation.

  • July 12, 1949

    French Activities in Lebanon

    Report regarding the continuation of French activities in Lebanon, the Conte de Shayla, the Maronite Patriarch's visit to Beirut and instructions given to French agents in Tripoli and the Beqa'a region.

  • July 19, 1949

    French Movements

    Report on recent meetings between French agents and employees and Lebanese politicians.

  • August 01, 1949

    French Financing for the Press

    Report on the French Legation's funding of the printing of a number of publications.