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  • 1947

    The Muslim Brotherhood

    Account of the Muslim Brotherhood's division in Syria and tension with communists and the Syrian government.

  • August 21, 1948

    Report from the Republic of Syria, Army and Military Forces' General Command, Deuxième Bureau

    Account of recent findings, including Syrian opposition activities, the discovery of Jehovah's Witnesses, and an attempted rebellion in Jordan.

  • June 15, 1949

    Syrian Opposition in Lebanon

    Regarding the identity and movements of a member of a Syrian opposition group which worked in collaboration with members of the previous government.

  • August 15, 1949

    Movements by the Syrian Opposition

    Report on a meeting between former Syrian politicians Aḥmād al-Sharābānī and Jamīl Mardam Bay in Suez.

  • November 05, 1950

    Untitled report on Communist activities in Aleppo

    The police arrest communists in Aleppo, a demonstration of 400 women breaks out, and the government is contacted regarding the release of prisoners. Chehab also gets word that the ministry of Nazim Al-Quds will be resigning.

  • December 22, 1952

    The Situation in Syria

    The Syrian Army faces a dangerous situation, including a rising movement to stage a military-political coup.

  • June 09, 1954

    Confirmed Information regarding the Position of the Syrian Army and the Latest Serious Situation in Syria

    Update on the status of the Syrian Army, including jeopardization by government feuds, possible Army intervention, and a report from Aleppo's Chief of Police.

  • April 01, 1955

    Regarding al-Malki's Assassination

    Communists seize on al-Malki's assassination for political gain against Anglo-American policies.

  • October 08, 1955

    Untitled report on Soviet activities in Syria

    Soviet aid to Damascus will surpass a recent arms deal and will include armed volunteer soldiers.

  • 1956

    The Situation in Syria: Echoes of King Saud's Visit and its Reasons

    King Saud's visit to Syria sparks conversations among Syrian politicians regarding American involvement and the Fertile Crescent Project.

  • November 26, 1956

    Untitled report about the Baath Party

    The Baath Party gains strength in Iraq, Jordan, and Lebanon in its objective to fight colonialism, preserve the current Syrian regime, oppose the Baghdad Pact, and achieve other goals.